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Light period could i be pregnant?

Asked by emerykerry (2points) August 17th, 2008

if i had unprotected sex a day before my period and i start but its very light (but normaly im not) could i be pregnant

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Go to the doctor or take a test. We can’t possibly know if your pregnant. Of course there’s a chance….you had unprotected sex.

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yes….... I really have no idea

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Look up implantation.

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Odds are, if it was the day before your period, you were not ovulating at that time. However, anytime you have unprotected sex, there’s a chance. You could wait until next month to see if you have a normal period, or go to the Dr. now to find out for sure. Also, you should be worrying about “protection” from STDs as well as pregnancy.

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Really simple, go buy a test! It’s possible…doubtful, if you are being extremely accurate on the timing, but possible.

Waterbearer, excellent point about STDs!

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I have a cousin who has had four children. Through all four pregnancies she continued to have her period. I don’t know if you can take a pregnancy test this early but that’s what I would do. Well, not me, obviously.

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You are totally pregnant. You have three STDs, of which none are curable. The air you exhale has infected your family. Also, yes, your world is over.

Actually, light periods, provided it didn’t come out of nowhere, are “fine” in many cases. A lot of things factor into a cycle, including things like diet, medication, stress… even how much water and alcohol you’ve consumed during the cycle. The best thing anyone could suggest to you is to simply use a home pregnancy test. I cannot vouch for the result quality, however, I happen to know they can be obtained for as little as $1. At that, you could probably afford to buy two or three of them just to put your mind at ease over pregnancy.

Condoms really are there for the whole “safe sex” experience… that is, protection from STDs, pregnancy and so on. Don’t go for flavored condoms for God’s sake, that’s a whole world of sugar and artifical crap you don’t need going in your… well, vagina-hole. Don’t double up on them, as they’re designed for latex (or whatever) on skin friction, not latex on latex… that will lead to ripping, tearing, earthquakes, temporary paralysis, and death.




Actually not really, but it could increase the failure rate of the condom. I’d also suggest that you get on birth control, if you are not already… that’s kind of your own personal “insurance” in the event someone wants to “slide it off” during the event without you knowing it.

I’ve had sex with close to 60 people in my lifetime, and with them, I’ve worn a condom on perhaps 6 occasions. That’s a personal choice, and yes, I’m at a much higher risk than you were, however, I don’t have any STDs and any children because I’m also ridiculously hard to “please”, if you catch my drift. I’ve never been able to actually “finish” with any of those partners, save for my current girlfriend… which is why I love her so much.

Plus she has a personality or whatever.

More if you need it.

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@ Lovelocke: That is a fairly fact answer based mixed w/ dark humor response….? Interesting.

@emery: Yes you can spot and have light “periods” if you are pregnant. Go to the drugstore and get a pregnancy test. And I agree w/ Lovelocke, buy 2 or 3 to ease your mind. They are as accurate as any you would get in a clinic or doctor’s office.

And if you haven’t in the past…..protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy in the future. You only get one life.

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No. Not if you are ovaulating. If you have never had irregular cycles and pretty much know when your next period will be and it is about time for your period, you have probably just started a day early. Periods go like that, they keep moving up and rarely fall on the same day as the month before, but close.

Ovulation almost always happens 14 days before you expect your period. For a woman who has 28 day cycles, that would be in the exact middle of the cycle, 14 days after the last period and 14 days before the next one. Women who have 30 day cycles can expect to ovulate 16 days after the last period, which is 14 days before the next one. Therefore, it is not possible to get pregnant on the day before you get your period,

If you have had regualar periods all your life, then there really should be no need to worry.

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by periods I mean what SEEM to be periods

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@Snoopy – My replies are always the same… lol. A bit of humor to catch attention and insure that people read the whole post. In this way, sometimes people learn something :)

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if you have irregular periods…..

There is an important exception to regular periods I posted above. Women who have irregular cycles cannot predict when will get their next period. Furthermore, many women who have irregular periods also have episodes of irregular bleeding that are not periods, even though they look like periods. Since you don’t know when to expect your period, and you don’t know if an episode of bleeding is actually your period, it is possible to get pregnant on what appears to be the day before your period

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