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What are you thankful for today?

Asked by LadyMarissa (11145points) May 19th, 2018

In order to stay on a positive footing, I try to start each day thinking of the good things in my life rather than the problems & then I tackle the problems as they arrive. So, I’m just interested to see what others see as the positive in their life. Well, what are YOU thankful for today???

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the weekend (I suppose)

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I’m just thankful that I woke up today & in a good mood!!!

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The fuzzy doggies I’m babysitting this weekend : )

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OOOOOO…you lucky dog!!! Having no children automatically cuts me out of having grand children & I freak out all the young mothers at the store when I pay attention to their kids. I don’t want to take them home with me, I just want to play Peek-a-boo with them because there is NOTHING better than hearing a child laugh!!!

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@LadyMarissa, you should let it be known to your friends and relatives that you’d be happy to be the go-to babysitter, just like I am with the dogs and cats.

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I baby sit & dog sit for free. Only problem is most of my friends are my age & no longer have babies. Their children who do have babies try & take advantage of my love of their children or they want a lot more than free dog sitting should entail. I haven’t found my happy balance just yet!!!

I do have one single mother of 3 boys who needs a lot of help. I’m there so often that her boys call me Grams.

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@LadyMarissa, you sound like a saint, and a sweetie.

I wouldn’t be able to do this, because I would be an emotional wreck, but have you thought about becoming a volunteer in the preemies, or childen’s cancer unit, at your local hospital? They would love somebody like you.

Less stressful, but also very helpful, would be to volunteer at an elementary school, or homeless shelter, to help kids with their reading : )

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I’m glad the carpet laying is over and I no longer have to live in one room with all my stuff like a hoarder.

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@Kardamom Yes, I’ve thought about sitting with the preemies; but, I don’t think I’d handle it very well when one of my little innocents didn’t survive. When it’s an elderly person I convince myself that they lived a long, full life; but when a baby dies, I turn to mush. I’m still arguing with my head that it’s a job that I could handle.

I’ve considered sitting with the elderly without family at a Hospice house so they don’t die alone. I’ve noticed that most families have become way too busy to find time to be with the ones who loved them all their life when that person’s life is ending & that bugs the crap out of me!!!

I’m far from a saint but don’t mind helping where needed. I was raised in a time where you helped your neighbor & my parents taught me to give when I can. I now have plenty of time on my hands & helping others makes me feel that it’s not wasted. People have NO patience with the elderly & I don’t want to “have to be” at a job daily. When I vounteer my time, I gert to choose when I volunteer…. It helps them as well as helping myself!!!

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@flutherother it’s always pleasant when things get back to normal especially when it’s OUR normal!!! :)

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As my day winds down to its end, I feel the need to say that I’m extremely thankful that I don’t live in Western North Carolina where they’ve had so much rain in the last several days that their interstate is flooded & mudslides are literally tearing families apart.So, as I go off to sleep, I feel blessed to know I’ll be sleeping safe & sound!!!

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I’ve been with my younger son and 20 month old granddaughter for the past few days and am very grateful to have them and to have a positive relationship with them. My older grands live further away and I don’t get to see them much.

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I’m thankful for your positivity, @LadyMarissa. Great question!

I can’t believe I was the first to give this a great Q. C’mon people. :)

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A friend of my daughter is pregnant, 12 years after the death of her daughter from SIDS. It has been heartbreaking to see her suffer all these years, and now she might be able to move on.

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@Aethelwine Thank you!!! After a week like this past week with all the terrible news, I just needed a recharge on something good for a change. I woke up yesterday feeling very stressed. After all the good thoughts, I’m feeling back to normal today & I’d like to thank everyone who shared their happy thoughts for switching my happy brain back on!!! :)
Thanks for the GQs too

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