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Have any of you been to England?

Asked by Kardamom (29759points) May 19th, 2018 from iPhone

I’m still watching highlights from the Royal Wedding. As some of you know, I’m an avowed Anglophile. I got to go to England in the mid 1980’s with my Mom. It was magical.

I got to walk across the crosswalk at Abbey Road, see Stonehenge, and The Old Globe Theater, see the changing of the guard, experience a High Tea in Bath, see the crown jewels at Windsor Castle, see a play at the London Palladium, visit the distillery at Bristol, take a boat ride down the Thames while eating Yorkshire pudding (before I became a vegetarian), eat a ploughman’s lunch, visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben, and drive across the London Bridge, and Tower Bridge, and ride the tube, and a double decker bus!

It was a whirlwind all jammed into one week. I would have loved to have spent 3 months there.

Have any of you been to England? Did you enjoy your time there? What all did you di and see?

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A few things I didn’t get to do (although I saw these places out the window of the tour bus) was visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, or Charles Dicken’s home, nor go inside and linger at any of the museums. I also didn’t get to have curry and chips, nor have any Indian food.

If you are from England, what would you recommend that tourists (especially Anglophiles) should see and do?

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Probably at least 20 times. Lived there for two years and my Ex is English.i go back now every few years. Love it.

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Yes, I’ve been to England for ~5 months for the past 10 years. Most of what you are talking about is in London. To properly visit the city, it would take a month. Even better, move there.

England is much more than the city of London. The country is the size of the state of Alabama, but houses the population of everyone in New York, California, and Colorado combined. There are over 80 counties (like our states), each with its own personality, including dialect.

This country is fascinating on so many levels. I need to have you come stay here.

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^^ Other things I would like to do is see the Yorkshire Dales, and Cornwall (and maybe bump into Martin Clunes). I would love to visit pubs all over the country. I would love to see the moors of which Arthur Conan Doyle, and Emily Brontë wrote.

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@Kardamom Yes, those are different moors, you know. I’ve been to most parts of England and there are lovely rural areas all over. If you are literary, i recommend a trip to Haworth Parsonage in Yorkshire where the Brontes lived and Chawton Cottage in Kent where Austen lived toward the end of her life. Lyme Regis which is in Dorset is a lovely albeit touristy town where many novels are set.

York is a lovely city in the North. The Cotswolds contains storybook villages in the West.

But do be aware that modern England is a real place with its own set of problems.

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We were in England for about 12 days and we spent the entire time in the country. That was in the 90s.

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Yes. I’ve been to England all the time.

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Yes, I’ve been there several times, lived there, attended university there, but I think I’ve done less than half of the things on your list! I love it there, for the most part, and find it very homey, even before I’d lived there. I feel similarly for Ireland and Scotland (I have ancestors from all of them). I’d like to visit Wales some time too.

I definitely recommend more time in museums, as there are some world-class ones, such as The British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

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Well I’ve never been to England, but I kinda like the Beatles…

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I’ve been twice. Once, just the wife and I, but I was sick the whole time and only left the hotel room one of the five days we were there.

We went again couple years ago, with the kid, and had a great time.

Would like to go again.

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We went pub crawling, to Wax museum, Stonehenge, Tower of London, Westminster, Kew Garden, Bath, Sherlock Holmes Museum, the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Still have the Oyster Pass for the Tube.

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