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Why do so many celebrities get married multiple times?

Asked by chinchin31 (1840points) May 19th, 2018

I was reading a few biographies of actors going back to the early 20th century and saw that even back then many got married and divorced multiple times.

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because they can afford it.

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I think that their fame gives them lots of temptations. Eventually, they may be unfaithful, or indulge in some form of debauchery.

Many nowadays, travel a lot. Being separated from a s/o, isn’t building the relationship.

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Because celebrities probably feel uncomfortable dating non-famous people, so they tend to go with someone in Hollywood that may not be a person they truly love.

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I think people tend to behave fake when dating, but probably more so when the other person is a celebrity, more so when both are actors. It is tough to trust someone you see loving someone else on the job as convincingly as they love their partner.
There are a few admirably long marriages with celebrities, and it is usually the ones that manage to stay out of the tabloids.

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Because people, like things; aren’t always what they seem. Expectations aren’t met, and things go haywire.

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Lots of people get married multiple times, not just celebs. Some jobs contribute to it more than others. Some lifestyles. Some personality types. Also, an independent woman earning her own money, like a wealthy celebrity, isn’t forced to stay in a bad situation because of risk of poverty to her and her children.

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I think it’s because back in the day there was more expectation to be married if you wanted to live together, and celebrity women had and have their own money. Also, they probably attend a lot of events, and they like having a date to go with them. It’s hard for some people to be single when surrounded by couples, so they couple up.

Plus, once divorced you are likely to get divorced a second time. That’s true with all people. First marriages have a divorce rate of somewhere around 35% and second marriages I think is 65%. Those are old stats, they might have changed. Third marriages it’s even a little higher.

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Availability of possible partners.

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Because they think the grass is always greener on the other side. They think that because their spouse isn’t giving them the attention they once gave them when they dated and were first married, that another person that is flirting with them and making them feel good about themselves will be better for them. Then the cycle begins again. As soon as the road gets a little rocky, people divorce instead of working it out.

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I don’t know about now; but back in the early part of the 20th century, many celebrity marriages were for publicity purposes only & many didn’t even like each other & sure didn’t love the other. IF an actor was gay, they weren’t free to admit it, they weren’t free to marry their true love, & the studio publicity department came up with a script that they had to follow in their real life if they wanted to remain rich & famous.

Look at all the traveling required to promote their projects. Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder…it breeds loneliness!!! Even very stable marriages have a difficult time surviving lengthy separations.

Then there are those who love themselves more than anyone else can possibly love them & want what they want when they want it. They tend to cheat on their spouse & are eventually discovered for the cheater that they are. I don’t know anyone who willingly stays with a cheater.

I used to think that NO celebrity marriage could last. Now that I’m older & checking back on some of my favorites, I’m discovering that many more than I thought have been married for over 50 years. Thinking about it…in the eyes of the press, divorce is more exciting than monogamy; so, maybe our perception is skewed!!! Just because the headlines read “couple to divorce” many times that is publicity only & they decide to remain married. Elvis & Priscilla Presley were rumored to be divorcing daily but were still married when he died. A celebrity career grows quiet…their publicity people puts out a rumor to get people talking.

There’s an old saying…Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all; so, anonymous sources are often their very own publicity people!!!

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My sister has been married more times than Angelina Jolie. It is just nobody gives a shit.

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Michael Douglas is a good example. He was married to his first wife for 22 years, divorced, & married to his second wife 18 years; so he’s been married a grand total of 40 years & I bet I’ve heard over 100 times that he’s getting divorced.

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Some of those people felt they had to be married to have sex. Once the sex was over, the marriage was too. Moving on to the next sexual prospect…

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Somehow I don’t think that’s true @kritiper….

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Rock Hudson didn’t marry his wife because he wanted to have sex with her. He did it to squash rumors that he was gay. She says she didn’t mind the not having sex as she only wanted to be known as Mrs. Rock Hudson. Never dawned on her that they never had sex because she wasn’t a male.

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