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Why will my car blow heat but not cold air?

Asked by Pandora (27815points) May 21st, 2018

Last November I had a camera installed and new radio. We took the car in because we thought the A/C wasn’t working. 2 different mechanics said all the functions of the A/C was working fine but that a connection form the new camera and radio was what was messing it up because it was missing some parts. Okay, so we had the radio parts ordered that would make it function and in theory the A/C should be working. The radio and camera now have more functions than ever before, but still no A/C. Heat will blow though the vents but not the AC. What could all these mechanics be missing. Oh, and its a Jeep Cherokee 2016 model. Oh, one of the mechanics said he could make the A/C blow though the bottom vents but for some reason not the dash board vents. Why would that work?

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@Pandora take it to an Air Conditioning shop!

Sounds fishy to me.

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It does to me too. It blows air when I put it on A/C but so I know its not a vent problem or blower problem. Two shops checked my a/C and said all the mechanics is working. The compressor is fine and there is no leak in my A/C, so I didn’t loose any freon.
But the air it’s blowing is just out door temperature. My other thought is they drained the freon and never put it back in.

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Were the places you took it to A/C shops?

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It sounds like a faulty fan switch. A friend of mine had such a problem with a Jeep. You may have to take it to the dealer.

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@Tropical_Willie One of the shops was an A/C and minor repair shop that checked it and could find anything wrong with it so they told us to take it to the dealership. So the second was the dealer ship that is the flag store for the area. They are huge and have a big auto repair shop and huge staff. They were the ones who said everything was fine and working and they didn’t find a leak and all the parts are working. They charged my husband for nothing and on his way home he tested it and found the ac wasn’t working so he went back. They took off the whole front panel and said that the guys who added the cameras and new radio missed some parts and that was causing the problem. They said they could re-route the a/c to blow only on the bottom vents but not the front without the missing components to the radio and camera. So my husband told them to not do that and he would get the parts to make it work. He did and the guys who installed it did a great job of making sure the radio and camera worked better than before, but still no cold a/C.
So far for all this work, we have paid 900 dollars and still no A/C. I wonder now if maybe the second place just stole the freon or at the very least forgot to put it back in when they were checking for leaks. The Radio guys got the air to blow strong like it use too, but not cold. Before the A/C blew air but it was very weak. Now, it’s strong again but not cold.

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@kritiper It it’s a faulty fan switch, would it still blow air? It’s blowing air way better now after the Radio guys worked on it but still no cold air.

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Trying to deciper your description of your problem is as big a challenge as the problem itself. But let me try to sum this up and you can correct me where I get it wrong.
1. The a c was functioning fine prior to the installation of the radio & camera.

2.The dealership has tested all aspects of the a c system and states that everything is fine.

3. The a c still doesn’t function to the standards you were accustomed to prior to the installation of the radio and camera.

The radio and camera of course should have nothing to do with the functioning of the air conditioning system and the only possible interaction common to all 3 would be somewhere in the electrical circuit providing power to the 3 systems. That bit about missing “parts” for the radio or camera doesn’t make any sense in regard to an air conditioning problem UNLESS those “parts” were electrical (wires, switches, etc.). Many automobile air conditioning systems are designed such that the blower will not deliver forced air at full strength until the evaporator coils are cold. Was this the case with your a c before the radio/camera? In any event, I strongly suspect that your problem has something to do with where the installers decided to draw the power for the new camera or radio. You need a friend who knows what he’s doing to isolate the systems utilizing the fuses (if possible). In other words you want to determine if you can make the a c operate normally while the other 2 are completely deprived of power. I would tackle the problem by first removing a c fuse and then checking to see if the radio and camera work with it absent. That will tell you right away whether or not those accessories have been wired to the air conditioning circuit. It is likely that the radio gas its own circuit and fuse, so my guess is that the camera’s been wired to draw power from the a c circuit.

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When the fan switch is off, the A/C gets turned off, too. (The A/C compressor.) When the fan is on, the compressor is on. So if something is wrong with the switch, the fan may blow but the compressor won’t get engaged.
Many times the switch will fail when the fan is on “high” and the A/C is on, overheating the switch, (high amperage flow) causing plastic to melt, and thus causing the problem.
Many cars now hove a small push button that turns on the A/C. Maybe this switch got unplugged when the camera stuff was installed.

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If the AC blows out the floor vents, is it cold on all vents?

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You posted this question a month ago. Did you ever resolve the problem?

The one thing not mentioned was try to restore the car to how it was before you did all the things with the radio and camera. Then it might be easier to fix the AC problem. Going forward, Power the camera using a battery independent of the electrical system of the car. Replace the battery as needed.

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