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Does anyone recommend Babbel?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13215points) May 22nd, 2018

For learning French. Also what about Athabasca University online? Where would you go to learn Canadian French and France French? From home.

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Where would I go to learn Canadain French and France French from home, sounds like babble to me.

I would go Montreal or Paris, and find bilingual natives who were willing to hang out with me and causally teach me French in person.

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My neighborhood is turning into Little Mexico so I was interested in learning Spanish even if it was only enough to understand what is being said rather than converse with them. Most of my neighbors speak enough English to know what people are saying to them but they converse with each other in Spanish & I’d love to have an idea of what they are saying. So, I’ve also considered Babbel & will be interested in the outcome of this question.

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I’m wondering IF you’re allowed to babble in Babbel??? ;)

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I’d start with some youtube videos. There are tons of them – and they’re free! .

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Babbel is really good if you don’t know where to start. I’d say it’s a better app at learning another language than DuoLingo.

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For a vacation to Italy, I wanted to learn the basics of Italian, enough to ask for directions or place an order in a restaurant. I got a language book and worked with it for about 20 minutes a day for 3 months. It accomplished what I wanted. Unfortunately, I have since forgotten what I learned. Before spending a bunch of money, use a book or tapes to learn the basics – counting, grammar and elementary vocabulary. After that, you can look for some immersion system.

There is no magic formula for learning a language, including computer languages. You learn a language by using it. That requires WORK (Did I lose you?).

I did an online search for Athabasca University. Here are some Facebook reviews. They don’t look too good.

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Duolingo is another online free program where you can learning languages starting with the basics.

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Is it free?

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I’ve looked into it a bit. But don’t understand if I have to pay incrementally.

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