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What is the title Dean of Men or Dean of Women about?

Asked by flo (11325points) May 23rd, 2018

What is this title about?

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The Dean of Students is the person in charge of student affairs. They oversee the various aspects of university living other than academics that can affect a student’s wellbeing. At some schools, this position is split into the Dean of Men (who fulfills this role for male students) and the Dean of Women (who fulfills this role for female students). The division goes back to when schools were first starting to allow female students, and most schools have combined the two positions back into one.

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@SavoirFaire Thanks. I never heard it split up. I just knew of the Dean, that’ all.

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Well, you used to have gender segregated schools.

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All I know about the Dean of Women is that I was sent to her for being an hour late getting back to my dorm! Some idiot turned the clock back an hour and I had no watch.
I was given Disciplinary Probation and felt totally innocent. I never heard another word about it or her.

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@Aster That’s terrible. Re. the probation, the what did they not allow you to do attend or whatever?

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Probably had to be in her room by 10, or whatever.

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