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What is the result for Quebec's law that parents and children are responsible for each other regardless of age?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13215points) May 25th, 2018

What do you think about having a similar law where you live? The law alows parents and children to live at home forever. Sorry that I can’t provide a link. It is an old law over 20 years or more ago.

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Everything I found is for Parental Authority until the child turns 18. I found no info on Child Authority over parents of any age. Sorry!!!

Parental Authority

Had another idea & found
Parental Support

Don’t think is exactly what you’re asking; but it’s as close as I can get at this point!!!

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@LadyMarissa Thanks your links have some good info on it. The second link should be good enough to pass the smell test that the law exists. The law could have been altered over the 20 years since I first found the law. More detail might be in French, which I can’t read very well right now.

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Just gladI could be of assistance!!! :)

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No. 18….out of school? Not going back to school? LEAVE!!

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@Dutchess_lll Hopefully though, you’d allow them a small grace period to get a place first.
Like that court case where the parents are kicking their son out because he’s like 36.
I’d allow my kids a bit of time to move out. But not past 20–21 unless they are still in school (saves on room and board for them) or are having super bad luck finding a place (In which case, I’d maybe help)

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That’s a really confusingly-worded question.

“The law alows parents and children to live at home forever.”
– Is there a law anywhere that prevents people from living with their families?

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@Zaku Is their a law the allows parents to kick out adult children when they turn 18.

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@RedDeerGuy1 More or less, yes. Many places tend to have laws that basically say that the property owner or lease-holder (generally the parents, not the children) have say over who’s allowed to live in the places they own or rent.

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It’s an interesting law that I think has IMHO good will/intentions for each other.

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