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Can anything be done about recently aquired food allergies?

Asked by Yellowdog (12181points) May 26th, 2018

Evidently it is common that people have to give up certain foods for health reasons. Even so, sodium and sugar and certain fats for diabetics and high blood pressure can still be tolerated in small amounts..

Food allergies are another thing, as they affect your body even in very small amounts.

My allergies to clams and oysters first became apparent in 2016. I will be 54 this summer and I have only had this allergy for two years. I have had to abstained from clams and oysters.

Typically, my mouth swells up and gets itchy or irritated. I also get some stomach complications. Symptoms are mild but cause me to stop before it gets worse.

The problem is, well, clam chowder, clams, and oysters are absolutely among my favorite foods. I have other things I like a lot, but I am getting a lot of cravings for clam chowder.

I’ve had someone tell me that the buildup of toxins or allergens can be the cause and be detoxed. I don’t know if I believe this, so help me out here. Also, some allergies disappear over time, or can be controlled with drugs or antihistamines.

Any hope for me (regarding food allergies, that is) ?

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There are 4 people in my family who have developed food allergies as adults. All of us have worked hard at avoiding those foods for a few years, and now two of my daughters can eat some of the foods in small amounts again, but still must avoid other foods completely.

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