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How do I get guys to chase me?

Asked by TheAnswerGirl (40points) May 26th, 2018
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You don’t.
I mean I guess you can. I wouldn’t.
I would be yourself, genuinely be yourself, and you’ll get someone.
I wouldn’t want guys to chase me. I’d rather have one guy, who is really sweet and caring to be with than 100 guys that are assholes who only want sex. I’d say with this you want quality over quantity haha.

Although, I suppose if you really want guys to chase you, you could probably dress a bit more provocatively. Lots of guys are after sex so that’d get them after you.
Maybe wear makeup. Act like you don’t care about them, play hard to get. Don’t be easy.

You won’t get a lot of genuine guys doing that, but you’ll get a few people to go after you. And you might end up getting hurt in the process.
I only say this, because I know people who try and get guys to pay attention to them, and they have a hard time finding a good relationship, they end up getting hurt, it turns out bad. VS people who don’t do that end up (usually, not all the time) with guys that are more genuine.
I’ve had only like 2 relationships and they’ve lasted a few months, one lasted a year. I wasn’t doing things I wasn’t comfortable with, I was myself, and I wasn’t getting guys to chase me.

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Steal his wallet and run away with it. They will chase you.

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This is an intricate thing; no one answer will do. But I must suggest : don’t dress like a man. You heard me right. My daughter’s school has the most gorgeous, slender young women you could imagine. I guess times have changed since the invention of the wheel and automobile but, when I was in high school we dressed up. Full makeup, great hair, skirts and earrings. In Texas you had to put an effort into it; Texas has so many gorgeous girls. So I’m watching a video with girls reading things who attend my granddaughter’s school and I could not believe it. They all wore tee shirts and jeans, their hair was a mess or they wore baggy blouses and no makeup.
Excuse me? Why would young men want girls that resemble young men? I know I’m out of step with the times.
But then in junior high there are many girls who are half naked. Micro mini skirts, low cut tops, low slung tight jeans, red lipstick and colorful language. Those girls have guys chasing after them alright.

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@Aster haha I wear sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt to school everyday.
Maybe explains why none of my boyfriends go to my school…

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Carry a six pack of beer and a sign that says “free beer”.

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^^^^ Seems a bit shallow but I think it would work.

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