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Why don't guys that don't know me not smile at me?

Asked by TheAnswerGirl (40points) May 26th, 2018

When I was out of town there was a group of guys and one of them smiled at my sister and I was in the car.

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Maybe they made eye contact?
I don’t always smile at people when I make eye contact in the hallway but that could depend on a lot of things, and none of it means I don’t like the person. I usually smile if we make eye contact.
If you had made eye contact with him he probably would have smiled at you.

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I don’t not know what you don’t mean!

Guys that don’t know you shouldn’t be able to not smile at you! ;-D

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It might be hard to belive , or accept, but Is it remotely possible that not everything is about you?

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The ones that do smile think you’re their type. The ones that don’t smile don’t think you’re their type or you look like you’re in a bad mood?

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It is funny. When I first moved to Cali (Redlands) my aunt taught me to never look at a person. Walk looking at the ground. Never make eye contact.

Then I got to Oregon where I would be sitting waiting for the bus and strangers would be all “you look unhappy.. I am going to hug you.”...

Peeps be different.

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Do you have a resting bitch face? Not meaning to be rude but with the limited information given it is my best guess.

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Wow. this is the like the sad opposite of a man telling a woman, ‘You should smile more!’ Girl, you have some problems and I’m so sad at the number of horrible answers you’ve received, but I think you really need some deep therapy that problem rests on the relationship you had with your father or what you may have seen as the relationship between your parents. GET HELP.

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So, there was a group of guys (more than two). One of them smiled at your sister, but not at you. He thought your sister was cute, or she reminded her of someone he knows, or whatever.

But what does that say about the other guys? They were not rejecting your sister-or you-for not smiling at either of you. There are as many reasons why someone might smile (or not smile) at a total stranger as there are people, and none of it has to do with your value as a person.

So what should be your take away from this (trivial) incident? I can’t speak for you, but when this sort of thing has happened to me, I hardly noticed, because my self worth does not depend on the random actions of strangers.

I agree with @ScienceChick. In the grand scheme of things, this is only a big deal if you make it a big deal. Perhaps you need to find someone you can trust and get help.

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@ScienceChick She doesn’t need any therapy and just because a girl is looking for attention from guys doesn’t automatically mean she has daddy issues.
A lot of factors could play in and it isn’t always a bad father. Your response is rather rude.

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Maybe strike up a conversation with a guy you like/or want to smile at you. You never know what might happen, because you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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They might have a girlfriend? Possibly they just want to pass, not everyone wants to smile I guess? The even bigger picture is that they don’t know you…

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