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What are some cheap(er) jets?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) August 17th, 2008

NO NOT LUXURY! Just jets as in warbirds or warbird trainers, we think we might tire of the Bonanza and we might buy a jet trainer, or warbird. I already have my eye on some probable models, but I was wondering if someone else had a suggestion. We are trying to keep the tab for us combined at a 1 million limit so it opens a lot of possibilities as far as European and more Easterly countries go. We have no preference on size, though trainers would be the better because of the second seat, but cargo and bombers do attract more attention at air shows like Oshkosh.

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I hear that the Aero L-39 is a pretty cheap military trainer. No idea how much it costs or anything though.

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an L-39 is a great jet, I’ve flown in one once before, there are still a fair amount around, not cheap to fly at all (what jets are?!)

Lets see… a cheap jet trainer.. I’m no historian when it comes to other countries, but jets such as Mig-19s and their American counterpart the Sabre are the only jets I can think of that are relatively “cheap”, otherwise you start getting into insanely heavy bombers and others, keep in mind even today they use prop planes for trainers, (think Texan II type stuff), I mean I really can’t think of any jet “trainers” out there relatively speaking, what generation planes are you thinking of? Like.. the Vietnam era jets?

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