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Does anyone have the "Truecaller app?" (Details.)

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16693points) May 28th, 2018

A week or so ago, my app asked me to verify my phone number, and country. That seemed odd, so I un-installed it. I uploaded it again, because I liked it. Now, the new app wants the same info.

Am I’m just being paranoid?

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I can’t answer, but if you ask the developer, they could tell you.

If you can find them! I just tried to find it on the App Store, and it wasn’t there. Instead there were a lot of similar apps. What a mystery!

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Thanks for your efforts.

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I don’t have that particular app; but I had a similar experience with a similar app & I can tell you that is how they evolve their database. When I tried to research your question, my Norton flashed a warning that it was an unsafe site & it had been blocked. So, no matter how much you like it, my gut is telling me that you should unistall & find a better app. I’d also suggest that you NOT go with Mr Number because it’s a similar experience. I can’t recommend a good one because Boost provides me with a great caller ID app for $3 month so I no longer have to worry about it.

I’m also diligent about keeping my address book up to date with the people I want or need to talk with. IF a name from my address book doesn’t come up on a call, I let it go to voice mail. Then I google it when I have time & block the number if it seems suspicious. I also block any bogus text messages. My real friends know that I do this & IF they are calling from a different phone than usual, they leave me a voicemail so I can call them back. It takes a little bit of effort on my part; but, it has been very effective at getting rid of unwanted calls or texts.

I’ve also learned that a LOT of the free apps are actually selling your info in order to remain free; so, I’m more careful of which apps I add to my phone & I’ve decided tat it’s worth the $0.99—$4.99 to keep from getting unsolicited calls!!! The reality is…NOTHING IS FREE!!!
You either pay on the front end or the back end & I prefer to NEVER have anybody messing with my back end!!!

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OK I found the app on the App Store. Most of the recent ratings are extremely negative. One guy said that he was dissatisfied with it and deleted the app but ever since he’s been unable to block robo calls. Another said customer service was pathetic. I only read the first two were three…

Yikes! Delete!

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For a mobile use “Nomorobo” it costs under $2.00 a month for cells and free for most VIOP landlines to block Telemarketer that use Robo calls.

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Edit: VOIP voice over internet protocol

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