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Could you do this?

Asked by Lee_27 (348points) August 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Could you go an entire day not telling a single lie? Not even a lie out of kindness ex. Someone ask you if they look nice.

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Yes. I think I have gone through many days without lying.

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You don’t have to lie…hence the reason it’s considered a bad thing…

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Yeah, I’m often brutally honest.

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I’ve gone whole days without human contact, so it is definitely possible for me to go a day without lying to another person.

I can’t gaurentee it would be possible for me to go a whole day without lying to myself though. I probably wouldn’t know if I did.

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Sometimes I know I should lie and be more sincere with my answer but I decide to gamble it all usually and just say what I think, usually not to my liking. I don’t how many times I got in trouble for doing that in school.

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Yes…most of my days are as such. Being truthful does not have to equal being cruel, or even blunt. I find that a truth, kindly conveyed, is often appreciated.

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Yes, you don’t have to be brutal to be honest.

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Of course. I am from a family where honesty was stressed. The only time I lie is to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.
And on fluther, of course.

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yes, I can go a day with hardly conversing with anyone.

I might slip at wendy’s when they ask if I want cheese. I would say no and then cry in the corner while eating my single w/o cheese.

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That’s pretty much my strategy on a bad day.

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