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Could quantum entanglement be used in electric energy production?

Asked by victor1985 (21points) June 2nd, 2018

I know is silly but I’m not really an expert in physics, by contrary I’m an amateur, so I’ll ask to explain me with easy terms and no angry tone on a beginner.
So, I’m wonder if quantum entanglement could be used for electric energy production. Supposing we have a lab where some particles are kept. Their entangled counterparts would be positioned in another lab near a city/village. The first lab takes energy from a dam and use it to move its own particles. Their counterparts would also move, even if in a random way, and will hit surrounding walls, heating them up and producing energy either by thermoelectric effect or by steam production. By entanglement swapping lots of labs would be entangled and thus obtain energy for all cities/villages/zones.
Would this work? Could this work in electric car powering too?

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The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that it is impossible. You always get less energy out of a system than you put into it and you can’t get energy for nothing.

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No. It could however be used in instantaneous faster than light communication.

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The objection that comes to my mind is the tiny forces. Even if the idea is to transmit only one dam’s power to only one other site, it’s not like we can fill a powerhouse full of quarks.

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Quantum entanglement can’t be used for faster than light communication either. This article tries to explain why.

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@flutherother Your link to the article doesn’t confirm either way.

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Try this article or this one

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@flutherother I don’t try to break the laws of physics but just use for energy production. I don’t say that all particles must reach the other location but enough to produce electricity

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@flutherother could work if we entangle the particle from the dam with a particle near and in the same time we entangle the particle to the location 2 too with another particle which is close while it’s sent to the surroundings and create energy?

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Actually, it would work for quantum imperfect cloning
But that would suppose to take from somewhere or recycling somehow electrons

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