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In "Game of Thrones" TV series, is Lady Margaery wrong as said by Telltale Games (quote inside)?

Asked by luigirovatti (1121points) June 2nd, 2018

From season 3 to season 5 the war Stark/Lannister has finished. But in “Games of Thrones” by Telltale Games, Cersei said: “Can we truly blame those who end up on the wrong side of the war? Our dear Margaery here was betrothed with Henry Baratheon on the false assumption that he would one day rule the 7 kingdoms. Can we fault her for her mistake? Should she be held accountable?” What do you guys think?

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“When you sign up for the wrong outfit, you get what you deserve.” – Christopher Snipes

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Blame and accountability are relative, even personal, rather than absolute, especially in an absolute monarchy. You’re to blame if the monarch says so, and not if not.

Cersei’s position is her own political one as an aggressive monarch. She could choose to blame or condemn Margaery Tyrell or not, but she chooses not to because she wants the support of the Tyrells, and not another enemy.

If Renly had defeated the Lannisters and taken the throne, it could have become his and Margaery’s positions to blame Cersei (as indeed Renly did as soon as the king was slain – he tried to get Ned Stark’s support at that point).

The audience can fault whomever they like, too. Cersei has a self-interested (and possibly a “legal”) reason to blame Margaery for joining Renly when he made a claim to the Throne her son held, but the audience doesn’t unless they for some reason get talked into following Cersei. In fact, the audience is given abundant cause to think Cersei conspired to have her husband the former king killed, and to consider Geoffrey a terrible king, so I’d be surprised if very many viewers were blaming Margaery for being on Renly’s side.

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