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Are we still creating more alloys?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16768points) June 2nd, 2018

List of alloys from Wikipedia . Or are we done? What are the more notable alloys?

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Alloys aren’t discovered they’re created. Even if they were discovered we’d never know if we were done or not, as you can never know when you’re going to discover something.

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@Darth_Algar What is the pace of new creations of alloys then? How many were created this year?

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If any different alloys were ever needed, they have been produced. It’s all a matter of intended use, alloy hardness or softness, corrosion resistance, and the metal’s ability to mix with another/other metal/s.

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Yes. New, proprietary alloys are being created and studied all the time.
Lockheed just invested $5M in a Canadian company, Equispheres, that is developing advanced powdered metal technologies that will help create metal alloys with superior properties over what we have today.

I love their two tag lines:
“Not all metal powders are created equal. Ours are.”
“A Revolutionary Metal Powder for Revolutionary Applications”

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Some new sintered powder metal alloys are being created and studied on the ISS right now:

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I’m waiting for Transparent Aluminum ;-)

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