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What will you share about music lessons in your youth?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (26903points) June 2nd, 2018

A few questions:

- Did you take lessons?
– If so,was it your choice?
– Did you get to choose the instrument?
– Are you glad you did it, or are there any regrets? Why?
– If you have children, have you encouraged it, signed them up, or let it pass? If so, why?
– Anything else you would like to share on the topic?

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I did
It was my choice
I chose guitar
No regrets
I would highly encourage it

My first teacher was in a hair band and he taught me how to shred. He recorded my first bands album and he has recorded several very famous artists including Dolly Parton.
My second teacher was taught by Segovia himself so Andres Segovia was my teachers teacher. He showed me how to really work and master my instrument. Those lessons carried through into my career and life outside of music. Mastering music teaches you how to set a goal, work towards it and achieve it. It also unleashes your creativity and ingenuity along the way. I attribute it to my success a great deal.

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I played the trumpet from the 4th grade though 4 years of college and passed an audition for the USArmy Band.

I never had any lessons.

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- Did you take lessons?
Just group music classes everyone in my school took as part of grade school.

– If so,was it your choice?
Not for the music classes.
For not taking lessons, I’m sure if I had wanted to take music lessons, and told my family, they would’ve let me do it.

– Did you get to choose the instrument?
Usually not, but sometimes, to an extent.

– Are you glad you did it, or are there any regrets? Why?
I’m glad I went to a school that had us all take those music classes.

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My grandmother was given a violin by a widow in her neighborhood, who had no need for her late husband’s violin. So my granny gave it to me, and my mom signed me up for violin lessons at school.

It was okay, but I hated to practice. And at the end of sixth grade, as they choose which kids will get support for music lessons in jr High, the music teacher told my mom, “he knows when he makes a mistake, but he doesn’t know how to correct it.”

This ended my music career.

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I took piano lessons for years. No, it wasn’t my choice; but, yes, I did enjoy it!!! I HATED the recitals because I got extremely nervous when playing in front of anyone yet I loved playing for myself!!! I didn’t exactly get to pick my instrument; but I was given 3 instruments from which to choose & piano won out.

I tried learning the guitar along the way; but, my fingers weren’t strong enough to become proficient at it!!!

I also taught one little girl whose parents couldn’t afford a piano & the lessons. I taught her for free & she was allowed to come to our home every day in order to practice for her next lesson. I ran into her not long ago & she hugged my neck. She said she never became a concert pianist; but she does still play. She’s now the pianist for her church.

Music lessons don’t seem to be as important now as they were back then; so, I wouldn’t push my child to choose an instrument but also wouldn’t discourage them IF it was THEIR idea!!! Easy for me to say because I have NO children to torture!!!

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Lots of playing the magic flute in church. *Sniff.

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–Did you take lessons?
Yes violin for two years, third and fourth grade, double bass fifth through twelve grade including two semesters at Hartt School of Music (University of Hartford; Dionne Warwick graduated from there) Improvisational Jazz on bass and in grade school classical double with second chair of the Los Angeles Philharmonic for one year.
– If so,was it your choice?
Yes, also learned to play guitar, electric bass guitar, ukulele and drums !
– Did you get to choose the instrument?
Not the violin
– Are you glad you did it, or are there any regrets? Why?
Yes, was ranked as one of the better jazz bass players in the area in high school. Played through out New England at colleges and bars in folk, jazz, rock and blues groups.
– If you have children, have you encouraged it, signed them up, or let it pass? If so, why?
Oldest son took three years of rock guitar. Grand kids play in marching bands in high school and junior high.
– Anything else you would like to share on the topic?
Now I play in a ukulele group that took first place at the Senior Days, Silver Follies at the regional level going to state contest in the fall.

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Thank you for all of the answers so far. It’s very interesting.

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Thank you for asking!!!

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I started piano lessons when I was 6 and took them till I was about 13. You’d think that’d mean that I’m decent at the piano, but I’m really not. My teacher had me learning from sheet music and it took me till college to realize that learning by ear works much better for my brain.

My real love was the oboe anyway. My piano teacher was an amazing oboe player and after I heard him performing I knew I wanted to play the oboe too. So my parents, bless them, set me up with one when I was in third grade. I played quite seriously and took lessons until I graduated high school. Being in the band was the best thing about high school for me.

My teacher was amazing. He became a close friend. He passed away unexpectedly a few years ago and I’m still quite broken up about it.

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