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How long until the end of the world?

Asked by glial (2996points) July 26th, 2007

Your guess is a good as mine

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End of the world? or end of humanity?

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Your choice. We need an edit.

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lol That's been discussed, good reasons for an against an edit button, check the blog (i think thats where that discussion was...might have been another question)

I think that the end of the human species could be coming in the next 200 years or so (if we don't change how we are now). As far as our world, I'm confident that the earth will probably be around for a long time. Until the sun burns out, or a big meteor chunk smashes it to bits.

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I agree with perchik

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The world itself is certain to last for several hundred million years at least, several billion if something cataclysmically horrible doesn't happen.

For human civilization, I can see the end of what we regard as civilization becoming extinct in the next hundred years, not the human race itself...

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2012, December I forget the day but that's is what the Mayan calendar says. Granted not the end per se but a dramatic change that changes the world as we know it.

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@zero, The Mayan date is either December 21 or December 23, depending on who you ask

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I too have heard the Mayan prediction of 12/21/12, and there are websites galore about the theory. But if they had the answers, wouldn't they still be around to witness it?

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Kinda hard for the Mayan people to avoid being slaughtered by those pesky explorers... Knowledge really can't protect you against lots of men with guns.

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I don’t know but the world may still be here after were gone.

The real question is will it be an inside job? . :)

After watching the events of 9/11, the death and turmoil as well as the ensuing events fueled by it give cause to wonder if we’ll destroy ourselves.

Then in one fell swoop an earth quake causes a tsunami and over 100.000 are dead in one day.

Maybe the Mayan’s aren’t really gone after all, Maybe their just waiting for Ron Paul to be re elected in 2012 then they’ll exact their revenge, for all this worlds done to them.

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I don’t know, but I’ll ask Jessica Alba that when I pick her up in my Maserati for our extended six month desert island vacation, catered by spago.

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well, unix craps out in 2038 I believe, so that might suck. As for the end of existence and the world…

Existence: Depends on how we choose to deal with situations that we are given. So far humans have been able to basically break into two parts and then one part will make the right choice and live on while the part that made the wrong choice slowly dies out. I believe this will continue for some time.

Earth: Well, there are several things that could happen to the earth to bring about its end
Collision with a cosmic object
Sun becomes a red giant
several scenarios involving human interference, but refer to my above post about human existence
Battery by gamma radiation
Galaxy eaten by another galaxy
Universe collapses
Black hole
the list goes on, but I think it will be quite a while, beyond our lifetimes, and if it is in our lifetimes, then it was by some unforseen consequence or force, or I will be living a LONG time.

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12.12.2012 link

But I’m Catholic and heard it through a grapevine on a Saintly type site once, then looked it up.

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Well we’d better start looting then.

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3:37 pm EST, June 23, 2010.

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I don’t think it matters. If it happens what can we do about it?

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according to Evelyn, the end of the world comes in about 58 years. Her original answer was 556.995 years, but she said she stopped keeping track about 499 years ago. So get your stuff in order, it all ends in 57.995 years. You heard it here first.

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Fact: We all have about 10–15 minutes left.

Just depends on who’s watch you’re going off of

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If you can read this, you were not raptured. <—-bumper sticker on my truck.

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The Bible says that no one will know the exact date of Christ’s second coming…if thats what you were asking…so I dont think anyone really knows. Again…this is my opinion, feel free to take it or leave it :)

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The world will end when the moon is in its seventh house.
And Jupiter alligns with Mars.
Then peace will guide the planets.
And love will steer the stars.
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius….....Aquarius.

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scientist have set a date of 12/12/2012

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probably when jesus comes back to earth and creates new species.

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I personally think that the world may not end, but humanity will.
Look at all the ways that we have ruined the world, global warming, wars, pollution, ect. We are starting to see the effects of what humans have done. we are ruining the lives of other species and life on earth.

For example. In Taiwan recently, we have seen the effects of overpopulation (because of our abilities to make better medicine, and thus we live longer). There was a typhoon in southern taiwan (first time that it ever hit that area, especially that hard) recently.Due to the population increase we have had to take down the natural resources, losing its structural integrity, and thus, a typhoon is able to come more into the mainland. does that make sense?

like everything, we have passed natures way of controling life. “natural selection”. we managed tosurpass that. and now, we are ruining ours and the rest of the planet.

So, in short, humanity will end, and so will a lot of species, but the world will continue to live, until the sun burns out in a few billions of years.

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People believe that we will die 12/21/12. How ironic. The 21st in 12/12/12. that some kind or spiritual thing or something? I believe the world will end whenever it’s time. I think around 2050.

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until the sun burns in about 5 billion years

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If you think about it, show our world now to someone from 100 years ago they wouldn’t believe it was the same place, technology and the way we live has changed so much. So the end of our world may be relatively soon, or at least the world we know, and theoretically it could be ending all the time… when a world becomes unrecognisable by someone living in it, logically the world has ended, or that one at least. Additionally the world might have already ended or alternatively it never actually existed and we are all in a dream. Take your pick.

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it is said the world isnt going to end in 2012 , but change the way we live entirely . in 2012 we are supposed to get hit by a solar flare or sumin from the sun . its supposed to knock off our magnetic field an all our power lines which means no fones, internet, tv, hot showers, credit cards, cars, ect ..

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