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Is there anyone out there who is STILL undecided for the presidential elections?

Asked by alive (2948points) August 17th, 2008

What is preventing you from deciding?

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I am. And the candidates are preventing me. Honestly don’t trust either one. Hard when it’s a two party system.

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@will: ya, i hate the 2 party system…but that is a whole other story…

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Nope, my vote from the very first moment was any candidate other than George W Bush and his anointed successor candidate.

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Anyone but McCain. Three terms is too many.

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My mind was made up last year.

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Although I’m firmly behind Obama, I do think the system is messed up. But the two party system is what we are stuck with. One party wins the election, the other tells us about the mistake we all made for the next four years. Nothing changes.

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I have decided. But I am nervous; I have gotten very comfortable being critical and dissapointed. I am not so sure how good I can be at being enthusiastic and supportive.

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I defenientely am I don’t know all about them yet and I dont know how to find out because I am homebound at this time because of a freak accident.

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Obama cannot fix the country, McCain will fuck it up further.
“Undecided”? No, just so weary.

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Hear hear, susanc.

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I became undecided as soon as Ron Paul was out of the race. Now it’s Barr or Baldwin, I guess.

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