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What's the word for all the words that involve hate, plus the toilet/potty related ones?

Asked by flo (11354points) June 7th, 2018

There are the words that involve hate, (misogyny for example), and there are toilet related ones like “s…t” (what some people use when hurt themselves), or “B.S” ones you can use if someone says “The sun sets in the east”, or something like that. What is the general term for all of them?

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@ragingloli, Ok. What is the word only for the hate related ones?

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@stanleybmanly couldn’t vitriol be criticism without the bad language?

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Do you mean scatology?

An expletive doesn’t actually have to be a bad word at all. It just fills a space without adding meaning, as in ”There is a message on your desk.” Vitriol is a corrosive acid and is used metaphorically in reference to speech.

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Isn’t “scatology” pretty organic waste specific?

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Trash talk.

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Potty mouth?

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“Abuse” maybe, if you mean words spoken with hateful intent. Words like “misogyny” describe hateful behaviour but are themselves simply descriptive.

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I hope @flo will return and tell us what words she thinks are the closest to what is in her mind.

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@janbb What are some words as examples of impercation?
@Jeruba I guess you’re answering re. the potty toilet (just exrement) realted swear/curse/expletive words. But I’m trying to understand what the link (re. expletive) is telling me. I,ve only known expletive to mean a swear/curse word.
@RedDeerGuy1 potty mouth is not swear curse/ expletive word though. It’s a description of the way someone talks.
@kritiper Trash talk also not a swear word, it’s the way a lot of friednly rivals talk (You’re dremaing if you even think of beating me at this game ) to without using at all swear words
@flutherother Abuse sounds too general. Re. “misogyny”, I meant not that word itself but words specific to hate toward women Would bimbo be an example of that? I guess so but it’s mild compared to the ones I’m thinking of.

I’m looking for a word that only refers to the ones that are faaaaarrr worse than that, it can get people get into a physical fight or break up with the user of the word, etc. There are words that were invented and/or used by misogynists, or women who are clueless how horrid these words are.
The N word for black people, the F word for another group of people etc., and so on. Only a loved one/friend/lawyer of the user of those kinds of words would say “he/she has a “potty mouth”.

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It’s spelled imprécation. Did you read the definition? That should give you an idea.

But once again, it’s possible that there isn’t a word that means precisely what you are looking for.

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@flo Here’s your word: SHIT

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Thanks all.
I suppose there may not be a word specific word for what I’m referring to.

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