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Can 100 cc's of invega sustenna lower ones reading comprehension?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13519points) June 7th, 2018

An injection once a month. I got a zero on a test for reading comprehension?

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@flo Yes your link said it does. Thanks.

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I can see there are lots of side effects possible with this medication. I’m assuming they last couple of days (may be?) after it has been taken or is it more than that?

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@imrainmaker I don’t know. Just comes and goes. I am getting my injection at June 13th . Have had for 5 years.

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Ge wiz most of my problems are side effects of the injection. Dizziness and drooling restlessness trouble focusing ect.

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I would suggest to consult your doc on this.

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I’d like to hear dosage information. What is the recommended mg’s/kg for the grug? If a patient is on the high end, maybe the dosage should be reduced. I know that the OP, is tall and big. Maybe a doctor has called for a higher dose than necessary….

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