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What do you think about this Dad?

Asked by LadyMarissa (6034points) June 8th, 2018

Dad Saves The Day

When his 2 y/o daughter came down with stage fright while practicing for her first ballet, Marc Daniels jumped right in to calm her fears all while holding his other infant daughter in his arms. First of all I was shocked to see him there with his daughters as my dad wouldn’t be caught dead taking me to dance classes. Second, I’m truly impressed with his dedication to his daughters. This vid made me teary!!! What you think???

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I watched it twice!

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I’ve watched it probably 6 times now & I tear up every time. He looks so freaking ridiculous; but, does he care…NO, his concern is where it should be…WITH HIS DAUGHTER!!! Marc shows me that there is indeed hope for humanity!!!

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You’ll like this too.

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Cute! The ballet teachers get paid to teach that!

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@JLeslie Thank you…that was really cute. It warms my heart that so many dads are getting involved in their childrens lives!!!

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