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Do you know if it is still possible to go into Computer Science when u r going totally deaf?

Asked by redsgirl4eva (262points) August 18th, 2008

I am curious about this. I have been Hard of Hearing but now I am going totally deaf. I am going to start the courses for it online so I was just wondering what anybody else thought.

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It seems to me that there are very few occupations that cannot be performed by a deaf person.
Computer-based positions seem especially deaf-friendly.

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In case you should ever start doubting what the deaf are capable of, I offer you Evelyn Glennie

Best of luck!

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There are jobs that I think could be really difficult for someone who’s deaf. That’s difficult, not impossible. Computer science is not one of them.

Taking classes online should work out really well for you. When you get to place where you want to take classes in person, most colleges and universities have resources to help you. You may get an interpreter or note taker that specializes in technical work. They may provide extra notes. As soon as you sign up for classes (to go take them in person) find out what facilities and resources are available to you before you need them. There’s usually a special office that arranges those sorts of things for students with different needs.

You’ll be fine. Cheers!

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Computer Science is a great occupation for you!

If you are not already aware, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation helps pay for hearing aids (even top-of-the-line) and some job training. The office is usually located near your local County services, such as unemployment. I’m on my iPhone, so I can’t find and paste a link, Sorry.

Good Luck!

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Vinton Cerf farther of the internet (Arpanet) and co designer of the TCP/IP protocol is deaf. He was hired by Google in 2005 as chief Internet evangelist.

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@ lightlyseared that is awesome to know I guess I am not really knowing what to expect anymore.

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It seems like a really good choice for you if it is something you like. My son is a programmer and he will be telecommuting al most entirely starting soon. Because so much of the communication is through visual means, I think it would work out great for you.

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@ herkat Thank You

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I booked marked the links that everyone sent me They have helped me out.

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You’re welcome. I’m glad to help.

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Simple answer “yes”

More involved answer:
I happen to be a Sign Language interpreter and do plenty of work with Deaf professionals in the computer industry, everything from project managers to coders.

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