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Can you point out some mistakes in the movies you watched recently?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) June 9th, 2018

Let’s see how observant you’re..) jk. It’s fine if they are from old movies too.

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Funny you ask!!! I was watching a movie last weekend & there was a glaring continuity problem. I had meant to come on here & ask the same question once the movie was over. I watched several movies that day & now I can’t seem to recall which movie & which mistake occurred. I do remember watching When Harry Met Sally but I don’t remember any specific mistake in it; so it must be one of the others that I watched. I HATE it when my memory refuses to remember what it is I want to know!!!

Oddly…back in 1982 when the TV show Knight Rider first aired, I do remember that the indestructible car KITT did one of those infamous long hard jumps & when he came down, the left front quarter panel crumbled. WHY I remember that but can;t remember last week is beyond me!!!

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When I was a boy, my mother took me to movies regularly. She would constantly point out mistakes like jump cuts or how the contents of glasses or the length of cigarette ashes would be inconsistent when the perspective of a scene changed. Seventy plus years later I cannot stop pointing out mistakes to my wife, much to her annoyance.

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^Which one had too obvious mistakes which shouldn’t have been there?

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There are scenes in 12 Angry Men where you can see the boom mic

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I think it was High Noon there is a contrail from a Air Force jet in the sky.

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I just watched an episode of Elementary (Up To Heaven and Down To Hell), and near the end Joan is sitting pensively, with her fingers at the edge of the table, but when the reverse shot is shown, he fingers wrap the table edge.
I am honestly surprised how rarely this kind of thing happens.

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@filmfann When I was growing up & movies & TV were in their infancy, it happened quite a LOT. Then the studios created a position & hired someone where it is somebodfy’s job to catch that kind of crap; so, it happens a lot less now!!!

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Aside from the usual?:
– zoom in until you can read the license plate
– get shot with an assault rifle, pick out the bullet, cover the hole, and you’re good to go

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I was watching an old Bonanza yesterday. Hoss got in a fight & the guy punched him in the face. It was shot from a good angle & there was a nice punching sound effect to go with it then Hoss hits the floor. Obviously PO’d he jumps up & swings at the aggressor. Problem was the angle was off, he clearly missed, & there was NO sound effect. Still the aggressor went flying back about 20 feet & landed on the floor. He gets up shaking his head like he had just been hit squarely by a 2×4 & the fight continues.

This misstep made the fight rather anticlimactic!!!

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And the mistakes just keep on coming!!! Today I was watching an old Maverick episode “The Quick & the Dead” Brett Maverick (Jim Garner) was playing Poker with Doc Holiday (Gerald Mohr). During the poker game Brett & Doc were chatting & Doc called him “Jim” which was his real life name…NOT his character name. That episode is 61 years old & you’d think someone would have caught it by now!!!

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Wow.. never heard something like that before!!

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