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What will be the "unique" security guarantees offered to North Korea if it's ready for denuclearisation?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) June 11th, 2018

Also do you think Kim will accept this offer?

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The biggest and also least verifiable guarantee is that the U.S. will abandon all efforts to liquidate Kim and obliterate his regime.

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When it comes to the Orangutan, there are no “guarantees”, because there is a considerable chance that he will walk back on any agreement on his flight back, via twitter, as he did just a few days ago after the G7 summit.

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Kim may feel that any guarantee from the US is without value bearing in mind that Trump unilaterally cancelled the nuclear deal with Iran. Kim’s dictatorship is no better than that of Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein and he will not be in any hurry to share their fate. His best defence is to string Trump along while holding tight to his nuclear weapons. Somehow, Trump is succeeding in making this evil dictator look like a world statesman.

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Just used car salesman rhetoric.

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That the Navy Seals will not take him out. For now.

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Maybe Trump will tell Kim that he won’t force him to eat at McDonald’s if he gives up his nukes.

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Completely the wrong question.

Given that the US flaked out on the Paris Climate Change agreement and broke the Iran agreement, and didn’t joint the TTP as promised, why would Kim Jung Un believe any promise that the United States makes?

The US has proven itself to be untrustworthy three times, maybe more, since Trump became dictator president. Why would any country believe him?

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^It’s up to North Korea wheather to accept the proposal by USA or not. I’m asking about the proposal that would be given to them and not about its validity.

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