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I feel a little bit sorry for Ivanka Trump, who has to wear her paternity on her face everywhere she goes. Who is the unlikely target of a modicum of your sympathy?

Asked by Jeruba (51895points) June 12th, 2018

Who is someone that you feel slightly sorry for, despite their apparently enviable position?—a princess, perhaps, or a celebrity, or someone fabulously rich.

Would you change places with that person? And do you think you’d be happier than they are?

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Beaker from the Muppet show. He got a raw deal.

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The serpent from the abrahamic creation myth.
She just freed humanity from mental slavery.

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Megan or Kate, any royal born common. It must be tough to sacrifice freedom for love, security, etc…

No, I wouldn’t trade places with either, seems like a prison with golden bars to me.

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Barron Trump has my sympathy. Ivanka gets no pity from me.

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Kim Jung Un’s wife
Not much is known about her, so no one really knows if she was forced in the marriage or went willingly.

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Ivanka gets no sympathy. She’s doing her own wheeling and dealing with daddy and Jared, to make shitloads of money, despite all of the dirty dealings. She, like us, because she’s an adult, and because she’s involved in the mess, know that they’re doing things to make money that other people would be jailed for.

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Sorry for Ivanka? That’s a joke, right?

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I don’t even waste emotion feeling sorry for the homeless beggars I’ve seen dressed in rags and wandering in India looking for their next meal and shitting out their last on on the side of the road, so I doubt if I can muster up any sympathy for any poor little rich girls or royalty or their lovers and families.

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I have mixed feelings for Ivanka, but not very sorry for her, even though I agree she is immediately identified with the craziness of her father. The press has asked Ivanka unfair questions in my opinion, she is his daughter after all. She also is in the administration, so she needs to present a somewhat united front as part of her job.

Plus, I do think there is absolutely nothing wrong with Ivanka doing some of what is typically the First Lady’s role. In my opinion people are completely unfair about this—I feel more sorry for Melania.

I have friends who hate Melania because she is pretty. Seriously? Female friends! That to me is a disgrace for women to dismiss another woman based on her looks, and it is her looks they were griping about not photos she has done or that she worked in the US illegally (which I completely believe she did).

Additionally, think if the spouse of a president doesn’t want to do what is usually the role associated with the spouse, we should be fine with it as long as the necessary parts of the job get done somehow. Are we not going to vote for a person whose marital status is not married? Because we have to have a spouse to fulfill the role? Having a spouse as president is a sacrifice, but I don’t think it has to prescribe a new occupation for the spouse, except for some minimal expectations.

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Not sure why you would feel sorry for Ivanka. Her father is President of the United States. Where’s the shame in that? Did you feel sorry for Malia and Natasha? Jenna or Barbara Bush? Chelsea Clinton? Ron Reagan, Patti Davis, etc? I guess it depends on how you feel about the parent to make a question like that. From the perspective of anyone I feel sorry for in a slightly enviable position, I don’t go there. I have been dealt a hand I am good with and don’t want to change places with anyone else. We are all dealt some hand and we do with it as we see fit. And all lives have goods and bads in it. The Royals in GB are born into the limelight and their every move is scrutinized. That would be a pain. But the reward is that they are pampered in ways I will never know. That could be good. But I wouldn’t want to trade places with them…I view it as I have too much to lose.

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@JLeslie“The press has asked Ivanka unfair questions in my opinion, she is his daughter after all.”

No, she’s high up in the presidential adminstratiob. As such any questions about the president, her father or not, are fair game.

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@Darth_Algar Questions about his sexcapades are ridiculous in my opinion to be asking his daughter. They don’t even ask many of the other people high up in the administration those questions I don’t think. Plus, I think a lot of people saying it’s all fair game wouldn’t be ok with asking Chelsea about her dad, didn’t she dodge some questions that were similar? She was on the campaign trail for her mom, so that can be seen as fair game also, she was a representative of the campaign.

How about if they molested or raped women bring them up on charges.

If you want to put it all in the news ok, but asking the wives and daughters? Sorry, no. Aren’t they put through enough with it being public knowledge? What is the purpose of asking the wives and daughters? Change their vote? Embarrass them? Just want to know how the women around these men feel?

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Michael Jackson’s daughter came to mind.

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Ivanka deserves no special consideration from any of us. She avsolutely does not deserve any sympathy. She is profiting greatly, and has a big conflict of interest. She chose to be a member of her father’s cabinet. She’s not just an innocent family member. She is part of the policy making in the White House, and those policies with the Chinese government are lining her pockets to the tune of millions of dollars. No sympathy for her and daddy’s unethical behavior.

Read about her conflicts of interest here:

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@JLeslie First it’s all a political game and yes, to me it does involve shame and making headlines, etc…, and each party has their own rules. Chelsea was young when Bill misbehaved, but I’m sure she was harassed to a degree. But I will agree with you on that, the minor children should be left alone.

However Ivanka is a govt employee (senior advisor) so to me she is fair game.

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No, Chelsea Clinton has never been a member of a presidential administration and has never been employed in the US government. Ivanka is. Had Chelsea Clinton been employed in her father’s administration then such questions would have been fair game. That she campaigned for Hillary Clinton means nothing. Thousands of people campaign for candidates.

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@seawulf575, yes, actually, I did—all of them. Especially Jenna, who looks so much like her old man.

But not being able to go anywhere without attracting huge amounts of attention because of who you’re related to is very different from bearing a strong, inescapable facial resemblance to someone that many people regard as a monster. Not sure how noticing this is equivalent to “special consideration.” Did I say she shouldn’t be criticized or held to account?

The reason I said I felt a mite sorry for her—the only reason—is that she looks so much like him. Otherwise she’s pretty much just a crooked con artist like the rest of them. Her own behavior cancels any exemption she might merit on the basis of her relationship to a public figure.

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Nah, Ivanka doesn’t really resemble her father at all. Granted, she’s had so much work down she doesn’t really resemble anyone other than a Barbie doll.

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@Darth_Algar Yes, she’s had lots of work done. Wonder if her mom even recognizes her?

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Ivanka looks good. Whatever work she had done was at least done well.

@Darth_Algar Well, Chelsea was part of the campaign, not just the daughter of the politician. Also, are we asking all the other people in the administration about Trump’s escapades? I don’t think so. They ask Ivanka, because Ivanka says she wants to do things to advance women’s equality and has spoken about maternity leave and other related subjects.

@KNOWITALL But, when Chelsea’s mom was running for office, a reporter at a college where Chelsea was doing Q&A saw fit to ask about the scandal. Chelsea respinded something like, “huh, no one else has asked me about that in the many places I have spoken over the last few months.” Something like that.

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So . . . the question wasn’t how you feel about Ivanka or whether you agree with me. It was who do you feel sorry for in spite of their apparently privileged lives?

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My answer was Melania.

I also will add Meghan McCain. She has a lot of great things in her life, but her dad is dying, and while that is happening some people are still publicly saying horrible things about him.

Plus, she is one of the voices of the Republican Party on the show The View, and specifically she can help explain the Trump supporters, even though she personally has serious issues with Trump, and the flipping left leaning women in The View talk over her, disrespect her, and try to shut her down. I know it’s been hard on her. It really aggravates me! She has valuable information, and they will not listen to what she is saying. Even when they let her talk they aren’t really listening. They just don’t get it, and that is why Trump won, and why people like him might continue to win.

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@JLeslie “Well, Chelsea was part of the campaign, not just the daughter of the politician.”

So is the guy on your block who works a phonebank, sends out campaign mailers or hands out fliers and buttons for a candidate. Campaigning for a candidate is one thing. Being in the presidential administration is something else entirely.

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She wasn’t mailing flyers! She was a surrogate. She was campaigning for her mom and taking questions. She was giving speeches and talks, not just some democrat trying to get votes.

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Yet still not part of a presidential administration (ie: a public employee speaking on behalf of the highest office in the United States).

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Another example: Ivanka recently answered in an interview that she doesn’t feel journalists are the enemy of the people, and now everyone is all over her for not doing more to influence her father.

They accuse her of not saying anything to him to try to influence him. First of all, her response to the question could not have seemed more genuine. Secondly, we have no idea what she says to her farther. Thirdly, he is going to do whatever he wants in the end, that’s not her fault.

Seems to me the left leaning media could have been taking her words and promoting that even the White House agrees the news is an important part of our democracy. I understand her father is trying to quiet some parts of the media, which I find scary too, but that part of the media in my opinion is shooting itself in the foot at times.

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Aww. Poor millionaire, with billionaire POTUS as a father…. One of these days(if it keeps up,) she might be forced to work for money! Then…. She will receive a “modicum of my sympathy.”...

I care as much about Don’s family, as he cares for mine…

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^^Why do you think she doesn’t work? Im not comparing her to the middle class person who works 55 hours a week, and worries about paying bills, but to make it sound like she does nothing, I doubt she does nothing. She owned a business, she has children (my guess is she takes care of them to some extent) and she is in the public eye, which has its own stressors. Why the hate?

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I told you. I care as much for Trump’s family, as he does for mine…
I don’t care what she does. I don’t care about her children, or her company. In my view, she’s part of an evil family empire, that has caused a lot of suffering to a lot of people. Fuck her, and the horse she rode in on…

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