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Best recommendation for healthy hair?

Asked by sarahgrahs (45points) June 12th, 2018

As a hair professional, what do you recommend? I had a keratin treatment done 6 months ago. My hair has still remained straight, dry and I do not feel it’s growing the way it should. Should I cut my hair short for my natural type of hair to regrow?

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Hair is just dead cells. There is nothing that will keep what is outside of the follicles “healthy”. To assist in preserving it, wash it no more than necessary, use a gentle cleanser and conditioner, avoid heated items (rollers, dryers, curling irons, straighteners), and chemical treatments.

A better chance of producing “healthy” comes from within the body: Plenty of rest, exercise, water, and a well-balanced diet. Are you taking any medications? If so, they can impact follicle growth. Another factor is hereditary, which we have no control over. Some medications can impact hair growth negatively or positively.

As for cutting your hair, if you aren’t happy with it’s length/condition now, why not? It will grow back.

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Eat good food that is high in protein, eat Jello or gelatin products, use shampoo that uses mild detergents, don’t color/overstress the hair.

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i’d just use repair or strengthening shampoo and do an avocado mask weekly. it’s helped my hair a lot and i’ve been dying it since elementary school.

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I have fine hair that gets dry. The best products I’ve found are Nexxus, especially the spray in conditioner/detangler.

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