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Asked by Jbor (649points) August 18th, 2008

Are there any good household items that can be used for performance enhacing? And no, I’m not actually going to use them :-)

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What kind of performance?

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I’m participating in a 5×5km relay race with work. I’ll send the info to my teammates as a joke.

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well if it’s just a joke, send them a list of stupid stuff, like eating mentos and drinking a coke….

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or make a list of all the foods you can think of that have “fast”, “go” or “quick” in the title…....such as gogurt….

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Whatever you do, don’t try bleach! Nor paint thinner. Forget about those copper crystals you put in the toilet in order to kill tree roots. That’s not going to enhance your endurance. Not even if you call it by it’s latin name!

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