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Why do men spend SO much more money than women on their prostates?

Asked by janbb (54188points) June 14th, 2018

As asked.

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Because women have an analogous, but not nearly as important, gland, but only men truly have a prostate. And the prostate has all kinds of interactions with both men’s sexual health and their urinary tract.

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She’s serious?

Probably because women don’t have prostates…they have something else, similar, but not the same by any means.

But the other reason is that men are far more likely than women to engage in prostate-ution.

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Our sweet Penguin goes through life with a wink and smile.

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Or sometimes a wank and a smile!

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Insurance paid $35,000 to have mine removed and tossed into a hospital hazardous waste bucket.
I don’t spend a dime on mine any more.

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I’ve never (intentionally at least) spent as much as a dime on my prostate. Maybe I should invest in it more?

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Mine scares the shit out of me considering my father and grandfather had prostate cancer. Any day now…mine will end up in said waste bucket. If I’m lucky.

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I put a nail through my hand a few years ago. The doctor at the emergency room was cute and I told her the pain was mostly in my prostate and she should check that out.

She didn’t buy it. The visit still cost me $500.

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I just love the chatting with my urologist, while he is fondling my prostate.

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^ and nothing says “I love you” like paying your urologist to fondle your prostate. Kinda makes me feel cheap and used when I think about it.

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^ Mine’s gone but my urologist still pokes around in there. I think he’s looking for his watch.

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I can definitely say, I have never spent any money on it. If the occasion arose, I would do what I could.

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I’ll have you know I never spent money on a prostitute. Some

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