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How does a surgeon operate on a fetus without damaging the amniotic sac ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13486points) June 15th, 2018

Does the amniotic sac recover from surgery? Or does the damage to the amniotic sac mean that delivery is imminent?

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The sac can reseal itself from a puncture. That’s why amniocentesis can be performed, because a needle is inserted into the sac and extracts a small amount of fluid, which is then analyzed for the baby’s chromosomes.

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There is risk though. There is a percentage of women who miscarry after amnio. Small, but it happens. I actually know someone it happened to. A wife of someone my husband worked with.

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With miniaturized surgical equipment, and the use of remotely controlling the surgery, there is no need for a very large incision.

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Fetal surgery is done every now and then. The sac is closed afterwards (how, I do not know).

The risk of miscarriage after amnio is 1:400. We researched it thoroughly before agreeing to have it done.

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