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Are swollen lymph nodes on face and neck a sign of HIV?

Asked by dopeguru (1925points) June 15th, 2018

I met a girl who had a smallish lymph node on her left cheek as well as right on the middle of the back of her neck. Do you think its likely she is HIV positive?

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Swollen lymph nodes are associated with all sorts of medical maladies and can’t be used on their own to pinpoint any specific condition. If HIV were that easy to identify, there never would have been an epidemic.

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The biggest problem is a person can look completely healthy and be HIV positive.

Lymph nodes can be swollen for hundreds of reasons.

Don’t have sex unless everyone has been tested. If you have sex before the test, make sure you use condoms, that includes oral sex.

The test can be a false negative if the person was recently infected, so it’s prudent to use condoms until you do a second test months later. If they aren’t being faithful you should never take the condom off.

Sex loses some of its fun with all the diseases you can get, and my bet is most people get something at least one time in their life. Sucks.

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I’m pretty sure there are no lymph nodes on cheeks. The only way to know is to get tested.

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Possibly but no way to be certain without being professionally diagnosed.

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@chyna There are lymph nodes at the jaw line, possibly that’s what the OP is talking about. Right above the lower jaw bone.

It doesn’t matter, because like you said, gotta get the test.

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