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Does it have to be of value to anybody?

Asked by ideabrian (404points) August 18th, 2008

What are some examples of things that FEEL good, but don’t provide any real value in the world? (define feel good and value how you want (explain it if you think it’s different than that of other people.)

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Are you trying to get us to do your homework?

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cheebdragon leads off with an example.

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How long does the essay need to be and do you need original research?

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You crazy galls got me all wrong. I’m just trying to score points here.

(I’m already doing the primary research by asking here on Fluther)

Actually, sometimes I just post questions to see which Google Adwords show up. I see Building Disc Pain Relief and Slipped Disc Treatment. (guessing that’s because of the Sibling questions – “Is pain valuable?”

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Damn homework..

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@Idea; Call me Gail, please. Galls

Wasp galls were used to make ink that worked with a goose quill.

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From an economist’s perspective, there aren’t any such things. If they feel good, then they are of value to the person to whom they feel good. Since the person is in the real world, there can be no things that feel good but aren’t of value in the real world.

If you’re asking are there things that a few people value, but most of us think is a waste of time—that’s another question.

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A wink and a smile ;)

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Stroking satin feels pretty damn good and I don’t think has any value.

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I agree with daloon – even if it feels good to just that person, that could be of value.

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Daloon rules. And might want to apply this principle from the economist’s perspective to the
issues he’s been addressing from the anxious ordinary human’s perspective.

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