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Does more lurve equal more popularity, more fame? Is there a ranking here?

Asked by luigirovatti (2191points) June 18th, 2018

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Lurve simply relates to how many “GAs” (great answers) or how many GQs (great questions) you have been awarded. Lurve points are accrued for each. It’s not popularity and not a ranking but it is a reflection of what your contributions mean to other people (and how many idle hours you have spent here over the years.)

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I think the only ranking is how long you’ve been here. How popular your answers/comments are aren’t important since how long you’ve been here may not be known.

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If you go to the profile page, it gives the date joined; but, I don’t make it a habit of looking before responding. My draw here is responding to the questions asked & I ONLY respond to questions that interest me regardless of who asked it!!!

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Now hear me out, while the above answers are very liberal and true to most eyes what lies beneath the descriptions and how things really work are different story in fluther.

I, myself, have noticed that there have been times where posts with better, more detailed answer didn’t get as much lurve compared to the following, same/less informative posts posted in the same thread by other members. You can justify that not all people read all the posts in the same thread. However, I can’t shake the feeling that people seem to prefer the answers from certain members, and if you’re well-known senior member you’ll tend to get more lurve despite your answer is just so-so or not better than answers posted by not-so-well-known members.

I couldn’t care less about lurve and if people want to play favoritism that is fine too with me. What we need to know is that the quality of the post can’t be tarnished by the amount of lurve it gets, the point of lurve here is to show how many people like post based on their personal liking/standard.

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I do NOT read any answers until AFTER I post my response. I speak from my heart & I don’t want what I have to say tainted by others opinions.

Let me point out that LIFE IS NOT FAIR; so, WHY should Fluther be any different??? We ALL think we’ve responded with the most perfect answer or we wouldn’t waste our time. IF others don’t agree, that’s their opinion & still doesn’t change anything I had to say!!!

For somebody who could care less, it sure does seem to be bothering you!!!

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