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Have you ever sung to anyone over the telephone?

Asked by Jeruba (55927points) June 18th, 2018

Anything—even “Happy Birthday”?

Anything besides “Happy Birthday”?

What was the song, and what was the occasion?

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Yes, it was happy birthday to multiple people. I’m not sure they appreciated it. I’m tone deaf.

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Happy Birthday to a lot of people. My wife, daughter and I ring up family members and start singing Happy Birthday to them as soon as they pick up the phone. It’s a tradition.

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Happy Birthday, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, stuff like that. I am an unabashed singer. Fortunately, I can carry a tune.

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Home on the Range to my ex-wife.

I might have sung the title line of Take on Me to my brother over the phone, but there’s a chance I might have sung it to him in person.

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No, but stupid as it may sound, I once broke into song as if in a musical when I was counseling a group of children who were having problems among themselves.

I sang, “The Age of Not Believing” from Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks. It somehow went with the need at the time, and I simply started singing as if we were in a musical. I said a few more words and sent them on their way.

Also, in the camp dining hall we had a fancy chandelier like in Beauty and the Beast. I commented on it during the Lunch announcements, requested the chandelier be turned on, dimmed the regular lights, and sung ‘Beauty and the Beast” as if I couldn’t control myself.

Yes, I am a little weird.

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Just discovered these tunes were, coincidentally, both sung by Angela Lansbury (1971, 1991)

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I used to sing “Sweet Baby James” to my kids when I was on business trips.

I have on occasion sung love songs to women over the phone.

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sure. Little kds are always ready to sing and want YOU to sing with em.

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Many times. All occasions.

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I sing so off key that I won’t even sing in the shower & I live alone!!!
The few times that I broke down & tried to sing, my dogs howled & hurt my feelings!!! When I call someone on their birthday, I speak the words in place of singing them!!!
Singing is NOT one of my talents!!!

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Yes….a very special and sad event in my life.
That was a long long time ago. The person to whom I sang, today sang Happy Birthday to me on the phone from 5500 miles away.

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Yes. I don’t know all the times. One example is the national anthem of the fictional nation (from a game) of Trewy.

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