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How to tell if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone?

Asked by dopeguru (1928points) June 19th, 2018

What are the main things to consider?

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Can you imagine your life without them in it?
That’s 1.
When your not with them are they all you think about?
That’s 2
Do you put them before yourself without even thinking about it?
That’s 3
The rest is up to you.

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But remember that the decision you make TODAY about spending your life with a person may change.

You will get older and your needs and interests will change. Your spouse will also change.

It’s a crapshoot. There is no guarantee that the intentions of 2018 will be realized 15–30 years from now.

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There are lots of books like this out there. Get one and go through it carefully.

Also, invest in couples counseling BEFORE you get married, and learn how to fight fairly.

If he/she is still with you after all that, you’ve got a winner!

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More important than finding the right person to marry is finding the right one to divorce. Statistically it will happen as there is a 50% chance; the person who will be kind, gentle, forgiving and perhaps a wonderful parent… separated from you… that’s a keeper.

Marrying is easy. Divorce is hard. Keep the one you’d love should you divorce.

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If they were in a car accident today and unable to work or take care of themselves ever again, would you stay with them? That’s my criteria.

Marriage is a lot of sacrifice for another person’s happiness, on both sides, so you are either willing to go through the fire with them or not. And life can be a very hot fire.

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^^There she goes again. Getting to my answer before me.

I once asked my grandma how she managed to marry twice, and both were so very special. How did she know?
She said, “If you can picture yourself changing his diapers when you are both old, he’s the right guy.”

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Can you be bored with them?

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@Patty Sorry, but gma told me that, too. She also told me not to marry my ex because he was just like my gpa! Haha!

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You could never tell. People and their feeling are subject to change. The only way to tell is to live through trial and errors in relationship. Which is why divorce is still happening.

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@KNOWITALL I like your post.

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