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Could I be pregnant?

Asked by Lee_27 (348points) August 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Ok I can’t exactly remember my last period I know it wasnt longer than a month ago. Here lately I have been having terrible heartburn which I have never had except when I was pregnant and I have been occasionally nauseated and it seems like every smell is strong. What does everyone think?

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Everyone here thinks you should take a pregnancy test. Love, The Fluther Medical Society (unlicensed, not board-certified and highly suspect, except for Shilolo and drhat.)

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oh and my gums all of a sudden started bleeding.

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Floss more and see the dentist.

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you can get a pregnancy test at the dollar store. My experience with 3 pregnancies some 25 years ago when they didn’t sell over the counter pregnancy tests was that If I wondered I probably wasn’t, but when I was I KNEW it. That was just me though.

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Yes, you could (assuming you’ve met the prerequisites). Why don’t you go and find out and let us know the result.

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Didn’t we cover this yesterday?

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no… should go sky-diving though

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If you had sex since your last known period, you could be pregnant. Period.

Buy mulitple pregnancy tests to assuage your concerns.

@trudacia I was thinking the exact same thing! Is this a daily fluther ritual or something?

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This brings up another good question: Could I be wet? I just got out of the shower and didn’t have a towel. There is water on the floor at my feet. What do you Flutherites think?

sorry, it seems I am always apologizing for my antics, so sorry again

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I have heartburn and I smell something very strong…Perhaps the heartburn is due to my greasy lunch and the smell is from the dirty guy sitting next to me…. Nah, I’m not pregnant. Sueanne, I suspect you may be a little watery.

just joking lee….but like I said to the person who asked this yesterday, “how could we possibly know if you’re pregnant”?

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@sueanne I am not so sure if you are wet. Perhaps damp?

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Have you seen Juno – they show how she tests in the movie. Drinking a whole gallon of Sunny-Delight is required I think.

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Did you have unprotected sex? If you didn’t have sex, it is unlikely that your are pregnant.

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The symptoms you are describing could also be gastroenteritis or something similar but you should really get a pregnancy test. Do you have any other symptoms (such as breast tenderness)?

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just get a pregnancy test, for heaven’s sake!

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when i was pregnant i was horny out of my mind.

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