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Do you want Alexa listening in on you during your next hotel stay?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31507points) June 19th, 2018

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It’s one thing to choose to have Alexa or Google Home in your own abode.

At a hotel? This is disturbing – who knows where your data is being shared, and for what reason? How many people will know to ask the management to take it out of the room?

How would you feel about Alexa staying with you at the nearby Marriott?

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You can turn them off.

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I have one at home. When I feel it’s being too intrusive, I unplug the bish…problem solved!!!

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Why would hotels even have that in their rooms??
I can understand having free wifi, but why would they need Alexa?
If that was in my room,I would either want to turn it off or have them take it out during my stay.

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I would not like that at all. I’d be looking for a way to disable it. If I couldn’t disable it I’d put it next to a radio playing talk radio junk.

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Oh hell no. I’d rather sleep in a tent if it came down to it.

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“Those who already embrace Alexa will also enjoy a feature coming soon after Alexa for Hospitality’s launch: the ability to temporarily connect your Amazon account to an in-room Echo device. Doing so will allow guests to access their own content like music and audiobooks from the hotel’s Alexa-enabled device. Once guests check out, their account gets disconnected from that Echo device.”

FUCKING FUCKETY FUCK NO. Maybe if it just did stuff like turn on the lights and TV and set a alarm I would be less creeped out. I would never log in with my own account.

I do not trust that it will actually log me out when I check out.

And I hate the concept of the things in the first place.

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No, I would not like it.

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I cannot understand why people condone and purchase these Big Brother gadgets. For the life of me.

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@yesitszen I also don’t understand the need. However, a friend of mine has 3!!! in his house. I asked why and he said he was doing it to get better wifi reception in some distant corners of his house and garage.
I asked, “Why not just get a more powerful integrated modem or a repeater?” “Too complicated. This was easier and cheaper.”
Oh well…

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I usually don’t need WiFi in distant corners of my house….

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@chyna Agreed! He complained that his TV on the far wall of the addition would not work properly when using a Fire stick. Geez. Definitely a first world problem.
“Alexa! Give me something to do besides watching TV.”

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Hotels should not install any such device in a hotel room. Their attorneys know better than this!! Being able to turn it off has nothing to do with it. If customer wants to use such a device he can bring his own.

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I though they were going to hook it into their phone system, so it would only be on when you pick up the receiver. That was to allow them to reduce the workload on their staff.

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There are some hotel chains that cater to the younger, hip-happening business travelers. For these hotels, it might offer an advantage in capturing their targeted market share because they cater to the technology-savvy traveler.

My guess is that most hotels will suffer if they have it installed. Their targeted customers will have no interest in using it, and quite possibly, be annoyed by this so-called service.

Unless it is a benefit that the general population expects in a hotel, it works well and is easy to use, a hotel is making a huge mistake by installing it.

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