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If we manage to flip the house and senate come November, how, exactly, will that help this misery we are in?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) June 20th, 2018

I don’t know that much about politics so educate me, please.

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It will defang ole Trump,he will have to fight tooth and nail to get anything passed, sorta like what Obama had to do.
If it’s a whopping majority they might even try to impeach him and that could be bad, because that leaves you Pence and that guy is truly scary.
Plus he would immediately pardon Trump on any charge he was to face.

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Why is Pence so scary?

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It’s always going to be “misery” for someone. Hoping your life will improve through political change seems to give people something to live for, but all in all very little will probably change. My feelings on Trump aside, he has at least caused more people to pay attention to politics. I just hope people who don’t like him or his policies have a good alternative in mind rather than simply opposing Trump for opposing Trump’s sake.

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Trump is a fucking narcissistic idiot. That’s what scares me. Bush was a bummer, but Trump is miles and miles beyond Bush, off into the twilight zone, and he’s trying to take us with him.

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@Demosthenes ” I just hope people who don’t like him or his policies have a good alternative in mind rather than simply opposing Trump for opposing Trump’s sake.” Like in the 1930’s on Germany ? ?
Trump readings include “My New Order”, a collection of Hitler’s speeches.

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A lot would depend on the severity of the “flip”. A solid ⅔ majority would be able to pass “veto-proof” legislation, or to overturn any presidential vetoes.

That being said, it seems that many of the policies the current administration are carrying out are existing laws and policies which are enforced as a type of reductio ad absurdem…extreme enforcement, and blaming past administrations and opponents for the same laws or policies.

@Dutchess_III Why is Mike Pence so scary?

Mike Pence is an ultra conservative. He doesn’t just pander to a conservative base; his conservatism is strongly rooted in his conservative religion.

According to this article in The New Yorker”, Stephen Bannon, the former White House strategist, worries that Pence would “be a President that the Kochs would own.” He’s seems already to be in the NRA’s pocket

If you want to know about the real Mike Pence, check out this report by the Human Rights Campaign.

Pay attention especially to Mike Pence’s Inner Circle on page 9, and Pence On The Issues on page 10.

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@Strauss And he espouses anti-LGBTQ legislation. Right now, I think (as a moderate) that we really need to find candidates who are less polarizing to reunite the country. If the Dems can find that candidate that would appeal to those of us disgusted by both parties, they’ll be in good shape for 2020.

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The conspiracy blogs will go ballistic. Trump will be in the same position as Obama, only without the intellect, manners and stable personality.

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Maybe we’ll get more middle-of-the-roaders in there!

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@kritiper I sure hope so because right now both parties are turning a lot of people off completely, which is probably what the govt wants, but not what our country needs.

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@KNOWITALL So true, so true…

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I thought the word “senate” was a typo when I read the question title. I thought you had bought a house, fixed it up, and were selling it for a profit. I was starting to think of jokes I could make about the Senate showing up at the house you were flipping…

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