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How is Fluther different than Quora?

Asked by PIN_24 (538points) June 20th, 2018

What are the advantages of using Fluther over Quora. I was a former Quora user and did not like the aggressive/ambiguous moderator decisions on Quora. How is Flutter better than Quora?

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To me, they’re apples and oranges. Fluther is a small community where most members know each other and the questions are often more laid-back and less technical. My experience with Quora has involved a much larger community with more help on technical questions (the only type of questions I asked there, mostly computer questions) but less connection (it felt more anonymous). To me this site is way more niche than Quora. If you’re used to the kinds of questions and answers you get on Quora, you might find this site much more inactive and low-key by comparison. But it’s a worth a shot.

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How am I different from you?
Yeah, you don’t like Quora, but why compare them? Decide whether or not to like Fluther on its own merits. Some people think it’s overmoderated, some think it’s too lax. Some think the moderation is biased, some don’t.

Welcome to you if you stay and give it a fair chance, but bitching about other sites isn’t a great way to form a balanced view.

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What @Demosthenes said, we’re more like a small little family who squabble and then make up. You don’t really see the interpersonal connections on the other sites much. Here it seems we find things to love and hate about each other, but when we really need each other, we’re there. Like when a few jellies passed away, we truly felt the loss deep down. Some of us have met up, some of us have friended each other on fb and generally have become good friends.

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What I like about Fluther is that I can a write a relatively short title to the question, giving some indication of what it’s about, and expand greatly in the details. As far as I know, you can’t do that in Quora; you can’t have a separate section of details.
On Quora, it seems that they have a large team of editors, because most replies are well thought out, quite detailed, and have few glaring grammatical and spelling errors. Sorry to say this on Fluther, but the quality of the responses is higher on Quora.
I agree with @KNOWITALL that Quora is more impersonal. You’ll see someone giving a reply and then never hear from him/her again

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Welcome to Fluther – hope you stay! We are a small, often contentious community but we are a community.

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