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What can be against the law to be taught esp. in a private institution?

Asked by flo (11466points) June 20th, 2018

Is there anything that the law can say to a school (whatever level) that they can’t teach x, y or z? If so why?

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Well teaching hate might be a problem.

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Well I don’t think they could teach Tax evasion.
I doubt teaching terrorism would be a good idea either.

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Preaching hate, teaching to propogate terrorism and violance (other than for self defence) might be against the law. Reason is quite clear, as it is against ethics and the welfare of the society.

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The First Amendment is a very high hurdle. The school will never be prosecuted for teaching, regardless of the topic. The place can be nailed for fomenting violence once students put their “lessons” to practical use. But schools, churches, mosques can spew all the violence and hatred they please. I wonder about “contributing to the delinquency of a minor”, a very popular phrase.

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@SQUEEKY2. They could and do teach tax evasion, only they always label it “tax avoidance”.

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The Art of Assassination 101

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Evolution and creationism, but not at the same school.

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I would think that they can teach anything factual that is not protected information.

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@LostInParadise “factual” is irrelevant.

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Ok, it’s not anything like hate, terrorism assasination, ..(the ones some of you mentioned) because that’s too obvious? But then is it? There’s @stanleybmanly‘s _ “But schools, churches, mosques can spew all the violence and hatred they please.“_
Can the court say to a private school “You cannot teach x if you’re going to require the applicants to abide by belief x. What could you imagine this belief to be?
By the way x is taught in most general universities. It’s like medicine or architechture or engineering or and on and on and on.

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Or could the court say you can teach x but you can’t require the applicants to believe/practice in y Why would the court say that?

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An Alberta seminary was denied a charter to teach law because they didn’t recognize gay rights for their students.

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you can’t legislate what people are allowed to believe. I can teach a safe cracking course all day long.

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@RedDeerGuy. In this country you may be required to adhere to formal requirements to qualify for accreditation or some other recognition of “legitimacy”. But if you don’t care about such trivialities, you can teach whatever you please. If your institution decides to only give instruction in devil worship, it’s perfectly legal.

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Yes. Anyone should be able to teach/anyone can study whatever field It’s not like a university is going to teach the wrong facts like: “Gays don’t have a right to marry in Canada” etc.
-And it is a private school.
-Learning/ teaching is one thing, and accreditng is another thing.
-Gays are not obliged to go to that university.
@RedDeerGuy1 And I thought this was the first of its kind:

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