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Does anyone else dislike the pacing of most network suspense TV shows?

Asked by rockfan (12964points) June 20th, 2018 from iPhone

I’m watching the new show “Reverie” starring Dennis Haysbert and the pacing is absolutely tedious. Most scenes play out in a bland, matter of fact style, while the creators probably revel in the fact that the show is littered with mysterious things that force us to have to watch the next episode for it to pay off. Your thoughts?

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I gave it five minutes last week and I am only interested in the reason to unplug. I’m still not watching just want to know for reasons to live life.

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Shows like that I turn to possibly one or two weeks & then I tend to lose interest IF I can find anything else to watch during that time slot. That’s also a good time to switch over to streaming channels!!!

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Yes, it’s soooo slow!

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Watch UK dramas. They shove 24 episodes into 6.

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Some shows are better than others. If they drag it out too long I do hate it.

What I really despise is the timing on reality competition shows. They’ll say, “and the person going home is…...................(after the longest pause ever, except they all do it)...................Joe. Then they don’t give Joe more than 7 seconds to say good bye, when I want to see more of him saying goodbye to the others.

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There used to be a reality show called “American Inventor” and during the reveal of the winner, the host started to shake hands with a contestant, signaling that he was the winner, but then abruptly turned around and shook hands with the other contestant. It was really sleazy.

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I don’t mind the pace, as long as there is content. I remember a episode of Breaking Bad, where the entire episode was essentially Walt trying to get a fly out of his lab. A whole fucking hour.

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