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Can you put a QR code on your grave site?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) June 21st, 2018

To link to a history of the deceased? Including FAQ ( frequently asked questions ) and pictures? Would you want it on your grave site? I would want it. You? Maybe without a grave site. Just a Wikipedia like link online?

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You should, just to troll the felinoid successor species of humans, who will have one hell of a time trying to decipher those strange “glyphs”

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@ragingloli Glad to help some future Ph.D. candidate to have a topic to write about.

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YES According to ABC news back in 2012 it was being done in the UK. I haven’t heard of it being done in the US; butt I’m sure it’s coming!!! The article is below the long boring Apple videos!!!

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Wow..I didn’t know they have started it already. Not a bad idea at all to share detailed information about the person with his/her grand kids and so on. I hope nobody hacks into these sites and write twisted story instead!!

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@all Would you link your online accounts in all one place? For family, friends and researchers to read?

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@RedDeerGuy1 That’s NOT in my plans although the longer I hang out on the internet,the more info they seem to gather on me. It seems the Zuck knows more about me than I know about me & I don’t even belong to FB!!!

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Absolutely. A friend of mine had that done, and it links to pictures and videos of him.

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Sure you can , but….
Anything computer related will be a fossil in a decade. People won’t have readers for it since QR codes will be replace by a couple of levels a technology that are better, faster, and “more permanent”. The linked website will have folded long ago.
The most permanent pointer is still the name and dates on the headstone.

I know a family that made a virtual geocache of their daughter’s grave site. It gets visitors regularly..

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