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Is it worth building another vacation trip search engine what can do more then others available on web?

Asked by Inhis (17points) June 22nd, 2018

I was about to abandon this idea when one of my friends asked for a solution on Facebook and my idea was the only answer. The idea as to build an engine where You can set Your
– budget available
– start location
– range of dates when You can go – like September + October)
– length range (like 10 to 15 days)
– type of destination – like beach or historical treasure or mountains (exact locations is optional)
– services needed – flight, accommodation (hotel/airbnb), car/airport transfer

The result would be like 5 proposition that You can restrict (like I do not want to go to Spain or to Paris as I was there already).

So there are number of common existing solutions, like: can search flight+hotel+car but on fixed dates i and fixed destination and no airport transfers. can search flight+hotel with no destination set but on fix dates and no airport transfers and cars. (the best I think) can search flight+hotel+car (but independently) without destination set and has a range of dates and the length range. However You cannot set the destination type and no option to set a budget of entire trip as all the services (flight+hotel+car) are independent and there is no airbnb and airport transfer option.

Compare to the competitors do You think that this new trip search engine would be worth to build?

Thanks for help

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You have done a thorough research. So, you know better than us. Its a great idea. So, sharing it on the internet can cause theft of your idea. However, given the positive community this is, I doubt any harm. I really like your idea. You should conduct more thorough research via questionnaire and conducting survey of people’s opinion on what all features they expect in such a site. Check your budget and go for it.

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I know I would be weary of posting my budget into a site. I wouldn’t trust them to give me an accurate price. Here’s an example of the kind of thing I would be concerned about: I enter a $2,000 budget, and the site finds results for $1,500 internally but list it to me priced at $1,950 and pockets that extra $450 margin.

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Well, I think there IS room for new/different travel assistant software/sites/apps/whatevers. Usually when I use them, I immediately wish they were engineered differently, had different assumptions and limits, and presented information differently and/or different information.

I think your idea is good enough to do more market research on. I’m not typical, but I would try your site, but also it offers some things that I personally don’t usually want. That is, I usually know where I want to go. Also I’d want strong solemn guarantees that you were not going to abuse or sell the information I was giving you about my budget (because that’s clearly abusable by the service provider in many ways).

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Based on my experience in the tech world, it would be an uphill climb and very hard to fund. There are already so many players in that space that establishing a new one would be very difficult. Your best bet is to take your idea to an existing player in that arena and pitch it as a differentiator. Note: Have your presentation in writing, copyright it and date it.

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