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Loan for the world cup?

Asked by timtunty (25points) June 22nd, 2018

i have two tickets for the world cup but no money to travel, I took a loan under the house, for ten year, each month need to pay 45 dollars for ten years, i’ve got no job but i hope to get it in the very near future, i guess for fall for sure, plus i have some other loans paying 180 dollars a month,

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So what exactly is your question?

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my question is whether should i step back return the loan, and not go to the world cup, or should i risk and still go to the world cup.

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If you don’t have a job, I wouldn’t think you should spend money on going to the World Cup. Sell the tickets and watch the games on TV.

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Never, ever, waste money on something so frivolous and unimportant as some sports festival that you can just as easily watch on TV.

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Return the loan, sell the tickets and use that money to pay off your other loans. The stop putting yourself into long-term debt for frivolous crap.

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Another no vote. You only go into debt for a ‘need’ not for a ‘want’.

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You have no job, no money, yet you owe a considerable amount of money. You admit you have no money to travel or for food or to sleep. It’s time to grow up and be an adult. Pay your bills first, then you can use any leftover money for entertainment. Sell the tickets, pay your loan off and find a job now, not in the fall.

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Not a good idea to go into debt for these kinds of things. Sell the tickets if you can. There will be another World Cup in 4 years.

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I agree with the others above, but then again I hate debt.
For fun, frivolous, stuff never go into debt for save for it then do it.

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Normally I wouldn’t answer a question like this but I find it really amusing. I haven’t heard of anyone considering something like this since I was a Teenager (early teens). I can’t imagine who would be loaning you this money, most lenders would consider ‘No Job’ to be a stumbling block. So maybe it’s a loan from your parents, in which case maybe they deserve to lose their money. So, unless this is a loan you don’t really have to pay back, I’d say ‘Bad Idea’. Actually I’d say that even if it doesn’t have to be paid back. Get a job, save some money, then have some fun.

By the way, what’s a loan ‘under the house’?

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Perhaps by “under the house” he means like “under the table”. In which case it would be a loan from friends or family. And that’s about the only thing that would make sense anyway. I, too, couldn’t see a legit financial institution lending someone with no recorded income a loan. Especially not for such a long term and for such a frivolous reason.

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I think we found the one question that unites all of Fluther! Hurray for that!

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@Darth_Algar – You’re probably right, I thought of that as well. Ten years just seemed like a long time for a family loan.

@janbb – YES, Consensus at last.

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You know what? Go for it. Go to the world cup. Spend as much money on blow and hookers as you can. #YOLO

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Except, of course @ragingloli

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I think @ragingloli is just trying to get the second ticket.

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Тhank you guys for all the advice, you’re right. Great community, your replies really helped me.

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$45×12 months x 10 years = $5400. That’s a lot of money for a single entertainment event even if you’re not broke, unemployed, and already in debt.

How old are you now? If you’re, say, 18, you’re going to be pushing 30 before you get out from under this. And don’t kid yourself that this is the last time you try to borrow something over the next decade, once you’ve fallen into this bad pattern. You’ve got onto the wrong track, and you have to get off of it, or it’s going to get a lot worse.

@timtunty, I hope that if someone else had asked this question and you tried to answer it, you would think about it the same way that everyone here ^^^ has done.

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It is sad that most of us find this amusing, and sadder still that you are actually considering this. However, it is not really wise to ask for suggestions when you act this way because people will think you are spoiled and irresponsible. You may be neither.

If you were sure of your choices, people would have called you defiant. Whatever you choose—whether to embody the YOLO spirit, or get a stable job, good luck to you!

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