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Starting with the word "I" what are the first two sentences your phone creates when you continue to select the suggested words?

Asked by LuckyGuy (36278points) June 22nd, 2018

On my Android phone I went to the text screen and typed the letter “I”. The next word the phone suggested was “will.” The next was “be”, and so on. I just kept accepting and eventually got this message:
“I will be there at the same time. I don’t have a car so I can get a ride to the airport.”
What does your phone say? I am wondering if this is customer specific or if it just uses the most common words after a known word.
I just typed “Fluther” and it said:
“Fluther kicks in and out of the hospital and I will be there at the same time.”

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I hope you got some rest.

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I will do the next weekend if you’re interested.

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I hope it’s a great day.

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I have the most important thing to do with the video….
And then I think I will go to the doctor

Fluther is a good thing.

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I Feel Pretty
I Kill Giants

Those are the first two response on google whe I type I.

In messenger it’s “I hope your birthday is a good night honey”

And in email:

“I love the way to the people that I am and my daughter and my kids”

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^^ Bizarre and yet touching!

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“I am not sure what to expect from the past” is what I get.

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I think the best thing about the world is that you have to be able to do it and you can.

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I don’t think i is the time of time to get this game to the point where i is the season. is the answer to the question of what you are doing for me to do with the rest of the day.

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