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Does distracting the U.S. civilians really allow the senate to "sneak" bills through?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39123points) June 22nd, 2018

I call BS. Now if we had an actual vote on some of these things, and we were carrying on about Melania’s foolishness and missed the vote, I could understand the logic.
However, there are those in the senate who vote for us and they aren’t distracted.
To me it’s like someone driving a car. As long as the driver is focused, and not distracted, then we, the passengers can afford to think about some other things.

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You live in a Red State, have you called your Congressman or Senator to complain about social security and Medicare being eviscerated? All while outrage has been directed at kids being tortured and kidnapped in the name of safety?

I know how my Senators and Congressman have voted and also spoken out.

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It is just the GOP’s agenda and the have the “Rubber Stamp” for signing laws.

Payback is coming with images of “SS” in 1930’s Germany pulling babies away from their Jewish mothers; is not a good thing for GOP members of Congress getting re-elected. Ron Paul pulled the chute maybe more to come.

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YES BOTH sides use it to their advantage!!! Many times the distraction is nothing more than a Friday night where they announce what was passed earlier in the day. Most constituents are so busy being happy that it’s Friday night that they just don’t pay attention & by Monday it is old news!!!

The thing about the focused driver is that the passengers need to be sure the driver is truly focused on their job. Many a bus/train crash comes from a temporary lack of focus!!!

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You bet your ass it does!!!! Just look at how many corporate friendly bills have been passed on or around holidays or major news that keeps it out of the limelight.

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They do it all the time, and it’s gone on ever since I can remember. I think it’s called bundling.

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