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Does anything help thinning hair?

Asked by janbb (56496points) June 23rd, 2018

I have a lot of thick hair but it is noticeably thinning at the hair line in front. My hairdresser doesn’t agree and won’t address it. Is there some product or regime that might help? My health is great in general and I have not noticed hair falling out but it is lessening in the front.

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I, too, had this issue. Mine was illness related and my hair was falling out by the handfuls. I was devastated. A friend told me to try Rosemary, an essential oil. I was going to try anything. I just went back in my records to check when I started using it. It was the end of March, 2018. My hair has regrowth of anywhere from 2 to 3 inches. I use one drop of Rosemary mixed in with my shampoo every time I shampoo.
One of my co-workers also works at a gynecology office. She has women coming in upset that they are losing their hair during menopause. She tells them my story.

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You can use Vitamin E capsules. Break the capsule and mix the ingredients with castor oil and apply to the roots of hair at night. Then, wash hair with shampoo in the morning. Repeat this thrice a week. This strengthens the roots of hairs.

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You can see a dermatologist to see if you have alopecia:

There is a weird version of it where only the dark colored hairs drop off. If you have salt and pepper hair, your hair will suddenly appear to turn white.

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@RocketGuy It’s not that drastic but thanks.

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@chyna is correct!!!

I’ve always had really thick hair; but after menopause, my crown was becoming nonexistent. Last summer I became interested in Essential Oils & there was so much confusing info out there I decided to do my own research. I began to notice that everything I was reading said that Spanish Rosemary was good for hair growth. I had spent a small fortune on those “promise you anything” products & was even considering the hair replacement therapy (Bosley type) but it was quite expensive. So, deciding that I had nothing to lose, the next time I shampooed I added a couple of drops of the Rosemary to my shampoo because EO should NEVER be put on the skin full strength. In blow drying my hair, I could tell a huge difference in the way my hair felt but felt it had to be my imagination.

My hairstyle usually lasted only 3 days before I needed to shampoo again. This time, I didn’t need to shampoo for almost a week. I swear my crown looked fuller than before but not perfect. So, next shampoo I added the drops of Rosemary to my shampoo once again with the same results. I did this about once a week for 4 weeks straight & I could see a marked improvement on the fullness of my crown!!! By week 5 I was excited & did it once again. This week I noticed that although my hair was a LOT fuller it was also becoming dry. So on week 6 I skipped the shampoo & just used my conditioner on my hair (without the Rosemary). I left it on for about 10 minutes & then rinsed. Before styling, I put a little bit of conditioner in my palm, rubbed my hands together & ran this through my hair without rinsing. I was worried that my hair wouldn’t be clean; but my hair looked gorgeous that week. I had my curls come back & a lot of my bounce had returned.

As a matter of fact, my hair was looking soooo much better that I started alternating the Rosemary/shampoo one week & the conditioning rinse the next week. I’ve been doing this for almost a year & I’ve been able to cut back on when I have my hair cut. I used to have it cut once every 6 weeks because it looked fuller when short on top. Now I go 10–12 weeks & it’s looking full & soft. My hairdresser has been asking me what I’m doing different because, at my age, my hair should be thin & brittle. I haven’t told him yet because he will be charging extra for women coming in. I’m choosing to share this with women I know who are having a similar problem!!!

Another benefit…I used to have to clean out my hairbrush severrsal times a week due to the hair falling out as I brushed. Now I only need to clean out the excess hair about once every 4 weeks. Proof I’m loosing less hair!!!

Side note: This is also good for helping to strengthen your fingernails.

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@janbb – I liked the “statutory warning :)” about flagging snide comments. About thinning of hair I don’t have much idea what is responsible for thinning of hair or remedies etc.!!

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My hair started falling out when I brushed it, about 3 and a half years ago. I chalked it up to peri-menopause. My friend, who is 10 years older than me, said the same thing happened to her, and one of her friends, who is a dietitian, suggested taking a biotin supplement.

Biotin is one of the B-vitamins. She said that it took about 3 months of her taking it, to see not only a stop to the thinning, but the hair growing back. I started taking it (just a regular one pill per dose of Trader Joe’s brand biotin) and practically 3 months to the day later, my hair stopped coming out in my brush and comb, and now, my hair is completely back to normal.

When this started, and got worse, about a year into the problem, I could not even put my already fine hair (before the problem started) into a pony tail, there just wasn’t enough hair, even though I have long hair. Now, my hair is at least back to where it was before the problem, and might even be a tiny bit thicker.

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Typical JL answer for hair loss:

Check your thyroid and your iron if you haven’t recently. Is your skin dry? Are your eyes dry? If thyroid or iron is part of the reason it needs to be addressed for more reasons than just your hair falling out. Although, you said you haven’t noticed it falling out, so I’m not sure what to say about that. Usually, thyroid you notice the hair falling out. It could be other hormones just as we age.

It’s probably cheaper to test and treat your thyroid than the shampoos hairdressers recommend like Nioxon, but here’s a link anyway.

As people said above, I hear biotin supplements can help.

There’s Rogain also if it gets very bad.

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Here’s my little tutorial to have beautiful hair through life: get your self some skin and nails supplement- the oral gel type that must be refrigeratated. Get a good hairbrush, nowadays they are quite affordable. Read the box and make sure you get the right one for your hair type. At night, massage your hair with Argan oil and brush, brush, (scalp too). Only use salon quality products. Don’t use heat on your hair. Don’t ever blow dry it. Get a silk pillowcase, the mulberry silk kind. Don’t shampoo everyday. This is after you’ve checked with your gp to make sure your thyroid is ok and your vitamin d is ok. Take care of your hair.

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I can’t think of a snide comment. However, be sure your thyroid is functioning properly. Thinning hair is a symptom.

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^ for some reason, I just love your answer.

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Ihave been having the same problem. I am going to try the rosemary oil. I just bought some products from Waterman’s (shampoo and conditioner, but haven’t tried them yet. They promise to grow new hair. I’ll let you know.

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@trailsillustrated If you were talking to me, thank you. :)

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Note: I checked the ingredients and the Waterman’s products contain rosemary! Tried today for the first time. It says for best results use 4–5 times per week.

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