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Do all lives still matter?

Asked by Irukandji (4424points) June 23rd, 2018

Asking for a friend group of kids locked in detention centers concentration camps.

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Money first then things then people. Should be people first then money then things.

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All white lives matter. ~

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Of course!
Hate to see the Court cases when the parents sue?
They have every right!

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I’m of the opinion that…

ALL LIVES MATTER…NO matter the color!!!

However, I simply don’t know what to do about our current situation!!! I’m appalled at all the hatred spewing forth out of otherwise rational, seemingly loving people & I worry about the generations to come!!!

Lawyers are already lining up to take the lawsuit cases for the immigrants once all this plays out. I’m hoping we can find an answer without the lawyers being involved!!! I know that there “has to be” a better way & I just wish that I could figure out what way this should be!!!

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@LadyMarissa Immigrants rights lawyers are already working with parents to try to get their children back with them.

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All affluent white people with power matter.

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@janbb Yes they are & they are also planning the still to be filed lawsuits. In my mind, this is similar to the ambulance chasing lawyers back when I was young. I think things should be FIXED WITHOUT lawyers being required!!! I haven’t had more than 2 hours of sleep on any given night since all this started happening. I’ve thought of a million different ways that “might” make it better; but nothing that is really going to work as long as I see the hatred that I keep seeing!!! ALL this hatred is getting us NOWHERE!!!

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I noticed that you put a “v” in the middle of the word ‘Lies’

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NO, I spelled it right. Even your life matters. I don’t have to like you in order to love you!!!

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I was referring to the original question—- not your very polite and much appreciated response.

No one likes to separate children from families, but most of these children were essentially abandoned by their parents and had to find coyotes, drug-traffickers and sex-traffickers in order to get through Mexico and across the border. Though there is a huge backlog, most of these same youth end up in very nice shelters and foster homes, some run by church groups and ministries who help indigent foreigners.

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Except brown and blue lives.

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@ragingloli I have a friend who is blue & her life matters very much!!! She had a medical condition that when the doctors cured her, the drug of choice left her skin a strange blue color. She is a kind & loving person who knows what it’s like to be brushed aside simply because she looks different. We have become very close over the years & she is one person that I can call on when needed without any judgment in return as she will always show up to support me through my ordeal. I can’t imagine ever saying that her life doesn’t matter!!!

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@Yellowdog . I’m surprised, and disappointed by your tolerance for separating families…

My parents traveled a lot, with me. I can’t imagine the fear, and trauma caused by being torn from them, in a foreign country. If I were under 13, I would have been completely devastated…

This is a YUGE problem. It is NOT American. It is NOT remotely humane. It is a violation of human rights, that paints the US in with some of the worst nations, on Earth…

It’s simply pathetically evil…

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Did you even read the answer?

I have been following this pretty intensely the past two weeks, and over eighty percent of those youth did not arrive with parents. Many of them were essentially abandoned by their parents and sent with a coyote or with drug traffickers or entered totally independently. Even the most rudementary shelters are much better than what they have endured being smuggled in crowded trucks and containers or crossing the deserts with drug cartels where they were raped or kidnapped or sold by human traffickers.

Yes, there were about 12% who were separated from their families. This goes back to the Flores laws enacted in 1997 which says children cannot be detained more than 20 days, and it looks like this has been temporarily (for 20 days) been halted by an executive order.

The apprehension of the adults is why the children have been separated. Since they cannot be incarcerated with their parents until this exectutive order was signed, they are moved to foster care or sent to live with relatives. This is actually a good thing for children who came here with traffickers, smugglers, or independently and have to eke a life for themselves as minors, where gangs are about the only option since they came over without parents

This misinformation for the midterms are the lies I am referring to.

As for the English-speaking babies crying that they want their mommy and daddy on NBC I have no explanation. Maybe they were kidnapped by drug cartels and were removed from them by ICE agents.

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Somebody’s been watching Fox news again!!!

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Are you saying Fox News Channels’ talk shows are not valid?

They are the most watched Cable News in the country—and their sources are well documented. The guests are the real subjects in the news. Morning Joe has some pretty hateful things to say, but he’s just a commentator with some very emotional and agenda-driven veiwpoints. .

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Fox Faux News have a script for the right wing (or get fired if they don’t use quoted the script)

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@Yellowdog I find Fox news to be just as biased as you find CBS news to be. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. I had started watching BBC news because they didn’t appear to pick sides; & with all the BS flying around this country, even they won’t touch it now!!!

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