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Will non-legal immigration stop when the country being fled to becomes more of a cesspool when compared to the fled country?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) June 23rd, 2018

Or is it easier to fix the departed country so it looks better than the one being fled to? Also could expenses be levied to the departed country .. I.e. Mexico being billed to house its fled citizens? Will non-legal immigration stop when the jurisdictions like USA , Canada , or Europe becomes bankrupt? Is a better solution available other then locking them all up? like modernizing Mexico and other countries and making the whole world a great place to live? With no reason to flee?

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Interesting concept, but gang killing and raping all the ten years old. Ya the USA has a little way to go but not much.
You cannot back charge another country, Trump tried that for the all important wall. (All construction done by his insiders, no kick back implied wink-wink).
There are areas of Mexico that are not being run by the Mexican government but by the drug cartels.

In a perfect world @RedDeerGuy1 there would no reason to flee.

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Will non-legal immigration stop when the jurisdictions like USA , Canada , or Europe becomes bankrupt? That is a false projection.

Undocumented immigrants contribute for more to the economy than they cost. Heavy handedness about immigration is jeopardizing crops and food processing all over the US.

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My answer is, let’s just wait and see!

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Immigration did slow down when the US economy dropped. Fewer jobs for them, so some people went back home.

I think it’s better if the countries people are fleeing become better places to live. If people are fleeing, there is still a bunch of people who haven’t left who are suffering. Some flee for safety, some for economic opportunity, some for both.

Of course, not all those who emigrate are suffering badly in their country.

Plus, some people come to America, because they believe it will be much better and when they get here it is different than they expect. America makes a good portion of movies and TV shows that are exported, and so we look really good in the screen.

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For many southern immigrants, they are fleeing horrible situations. Civil war. Drug cartels. Lawlessness…

It would be difficult for America to be worse. At least they have a chance here…

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^^Most who come probably are just facing economic troubles. I’m betting the percentage actually fleeing from gangs and guerillas is a minority percentage, but still significant.

The question is, is that good enough? Extreme poverty? We certainly have a history in America of taking in, even recruiting, the poor. The Irish were starving when they came over in droves. Many Latin American countries have 50% poverty or more.

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^^^^Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Sounds good to me.

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@zenvelo Me too. If I couldn’t eat or have a safe dwelling I’d want to be able to emigrate myself. It would be hard, hard for me to leave “my” country, but I would seek the opportunity to live better.

Mostly, I see a failure for some people who are so incredibly anti-immigrant to put themselves in the other person’s shoes. They somehow lack the idea of “there but for the Grace of God go I.” They think it could never happen to them. Anything can happen to anyone.

I never liked the word privileged to describe white oeople in America, but I have always felt privileged and grateful to be born in America. My family went through the struggle to come here, I just lucked into it.

Having said all that, I do think there has to be some control over the borders, the world is not a place where we can just be one United Earth. Democrats don’t seem to want to acknowledge that at all right now, everyone moving to their extreme sides isn’t helping.

I think it’s more to do with a mindset of appreciating diversity, and wanting to help others, and in my opinion, help the world. The US has an incredible history of being a country of immigrants. Have we done shitty things to some groups when they arrive? Yes. But, overwhelmingly we are a big mix of people from around the world working to live in harmony with each other. I truly believe that. In my mind America was the beacon of hope for world peace in that we are the example of over 100 countries living together. I hope we don’t really screw that’s up beyond repair.

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